Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Music Man

Thinking back, I seems to began my journey to became the guy who almost always carried some type of music players whenever I was outside in my highschool year.

I remembered that I ask my mom for a double deck cassette player for one of my birthday and I did get it :) I began making complilation tapes on it and then listen to my own complicaton tapes on the walkman. I switch school from the one I have been in since the first grade when I was at 9th grade to another one the uniform codes also change a bit. This leads to the change from my using of carried bag to backpack and I love it! (although it doesn't help toning up my arms :p) My new backpack have side pocket which fit perfectly with walkman in the left and tarot cards in the right. I will mostly be seens walking around with my backpack on my back and earbuds headphones in my ears.

Which leads up one traumatic point in highschool where I was in the teacher lounge for some reason and one teacher ask me if I am a student of deaf people school. I was shock by her words not to mention that I heard it very clearly since eventhough the earbud headphone still in my ears the walkman was not playing. I wish I had said something or make a big scene out of it. Being a good quiet kid that I was I said nothing...

Now back to my main story. After many years of using walkman, I began to record songs from radio station with my first intension of wanted to play it to sales person at record store to identify the songs so I can buy it later. But after sometimes I just keep record songs from radio telling myself that I would only buy what I really need to buy :) Later on I found internet and learn from Nordic that I can download mp3 audio files from internet via IRC which open up a new venue for me. And now the files became more useful since I had replace my walkman for mp3 player :)

My collections and taste are mostly R&B, Pop, Rock, and Classical. I seems to have a special place in my heart for many of 80's R&B singers like Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, and Gladys Knight :)

Sometimes when I play my mp3 collections on my computer I would sing along to the heart breaking tunes of Richard Marx 'Until I Find You Again' or Mariah Carey 'Cry' or Meatloaf 'I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth') :)


savante said...

The priest in the Matrix poster was absolutely cool. Where didja find that! :)

And hey, how is the gay life in Bangkok?


Pete said...

Hehe as I mention in my email. I read the story from Thisistrue newsletter (you can find the link on my sidebar) and then I google with the priest's name :)

I am not sure what's to tell about gay life in BKK though... Except in my opinion it's the best place in Asia to be openly gay