Friday, September 02, 2005

3 times the Chocolates :d

Today is the first day they began showing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and after checking the showtime on the net I realize that there is one perfect time for me to go and it's in digital as well!

I live near a shopping mall (just across the street, it's very convenience) and it also have multiplex movie theater. So before I see the movie I have this craving for chocolate so I decided to go down to the supermarket and get meself a Mars bar (I prefer Mars over Snickers) :dd and a bottle of water.

I must say that visually the movie looks great. The most important scene visually is probably the first room with the chocolate river+fountain. I guess afterward the rest of the room look... not as exciting. I did not get what the firework room was suppose to be though. Perhaps I should get the book... The only book I ever read of Roald Dahl was The Witches though. Overall the movie was alright...

And after the movie was over I decided I want another chocolate :) So I went to the supermaket again and this times get Hershey's Chocolate bar with cookie bits :)

And on a side note. I recently take a picture of the sky while on the crossover near my place so I wanna get soem comment. I took it with my digital camera, nothing fancy though ; Just simple skyscape picture :) Here it is

Click Here for Full view :)

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