Sunday, March 30, 2008

Seething Heat

Summer is here... In all its glory and strong blinding sunlight...

It is a bit late for Summer, considering it is already almost April. I must admit I do not miss it that much now that it arrived. I made a mistake of wearing black t-shirt yesterday, my body and arms felt like they were licked by heat. All this does not make it fun to sleep at night, though it is the best time for shower. I know I have mention this in the past but the notion still valid.

I am looking forward to next week... Which I will get Monday off due to substitute holiday. And then it will be Songkran :D Since I have not been to my decadent spot lately I will go during Songkran for their special event. Not to mention the plan to go to Japanese buffet after a day or two from the said event. Plus my plan to buy another harddisk.

On another note, I have been trying to eat healthy-er lately. With bananas adding to my protein shake breakfast (Hopefully they will last the week now that I put them in the fridge), and the latest discovery that my local supermarket sell grapes with rose apple package for the price of 45-49 baht that will last me two days. Gotta remember that when I felt bored with the food courts.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Reclaiming Memories

Last night I began playing a DS game called 'Another Code: Two Memories' an Adventure game on DS platform, I ended up finishing the game in one go...

It is a story of a young girl, Ashley, who went to an island to meet her father whom she thought was dead 11 years ago. While on the island, she encounter a ghost of a young boy who call himself D. D told Ashley that he have no memories of his life and want her to help him reclaim his memories. Ashley who is also looking for her father agreed to help him out and thus the adventure began.

Another Code is probably the only game that I have played on DS so far that utilize ALL the functionalities of the handheld console to the fullest. From using the basic touch screen function and microphone to actually close the lid to mimic stamping and have the screens reflects on one another to see the hidden message.

Although the game is fairly short, it was adequate in telling the story and tied all the loose end.

For me the game ended nicely, although a few loose end still unanswered, it still an enjoyable experience. It worth my time to play and finish it. I would highly recommend it :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Get Out Your Dancing Shoes

The third cycle of 'So You Think You Can Dance' began showing in the local cable for about 4 weeks now and I have follow every episode so far... *face in hands in shame*

Anyhoo... Last night, was the first performance show of the top 20s. My reaction when I saw it was that 'Boy they really pushing the performance this times' All the routines have trick moves and big endings.

I am looking forward to seeing more of the show. With little space left I will not 'acquired' the show to watch it.

On another note, summer seems to finally arrive here, not that I complain... It felt real nice to shower now. But it is more troubling come sleep time...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

1 Became 1+4 and A Clima356

I did went to the ComMart fair and I am glad I did because, as I found out when I arrive at Queen Sirikit Center, that Adidas also have a sale event there as well.

After bought and ate chicken+bolognas sauce spaghetti, I began my round to scout the items. I found all the products I was looking for but end up buying only Kingston Micro SD 4GB. I did not buy the harddisk because the price seems to be dropping recently. I think I could wait until April to buy it. I also found Wi-Fi USB thingie that will broadcast the Wi-Fi. I am tempted to buy it so I can play my DS Lite online. The one I found, which seems to be the only non-Nintendo brand that have this, cost almost half the price of the Nintendo one, at 850 baht. It still pricey for me... So I will wait until the next ComMart to see if I really want to buy it. For the Micro SD, I actually walk all over the building looking for Sandisk brand to compare. As it turns out, Sandisk is more expensive and is lesser class than Kingston one. And I only pay 850 baht instead of the 890 baht listing price :D.

After the tech shop is done, I went to see the Adidas sales. I found one T-Shirt I really like but it was S size which a little tight for me. The sales staff are not very helpful. But yours truly was persistence, keep digging the tray and eventually found 3 more S size and each in M and L :DD I buy the M size though :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Shopping Coming Up

There will be another ComMart Fair soon, this weekend in fact. And I am itching to buy another 500GB harddisk, since I almost filled up my current one :p

Another reason is that one of my old harddisk began having bad sector. Although it shown only on 'Harddisk Sentinel' software, it began to spead from 3 bad sectors to having 3 more weak sectors. The price is also quite alluring. I recently check the local pricing websites and found that the price has drop to about 3,500 baht, Western Digital brand.

I wondered if they will sell this at ComMart or not... If not then I will probably have to go to Pantip...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stranger Than Fiction

I have seen the trailer and teaser of this movie, 'Stranger Than Fiction', for several times on HBO. The premise is rather unusual, the story of an IRS man who heard a woman voice narrating his life which also narrated that he will face imminent death. The *strange* part is that both the man and the narrator are real. The man, Harold Crink (Will Farrel), is a real person and the narrator is a British novelist Karen Eiffel (Emma Thompson) .

It was quite a good movie to say the least. Quite thought-provoking and entertaining. There are some funny moments and sad moments. Will Farrel did a great job playing Harold Crink, showing his vulnerable and sensitive side. Emma Thompson was perfect depress, suicidal novelist.

I highly recommended it :) It would be a good evening movie to watch with your love ones. Or by yourself... if you are single like me :ppp **Sigh**

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Newly Acquired Activities

After I sign up for my own account at recently, I decided to also upload some of my *work* to the site. It is an art community website afterall.

So if you are interested, please check them out :) At

Right now my *gallery* is pretty low in traffic... Also feel free to pass it around if you please :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Minor Update: Weather

Following a chat with a friend of mine who is currently in HK with his bf and was in BKK for the weekend. It is March, which is summer time here, and yet the weather did not get very hot.

Instead we had rain yesterday and it was fairly cold in this morning. Not that I mind but it feels... Out of place. I wondered if this is the effect of Global Warming. I have watch Penn & Teller show Bullshit!. In one episode, claim that Global Warming is not as big of an issue as it claim to be. But I think most people would not deny that the weather pattern seems to be out of order lately.

I have been enjoying my new purchase :) I have figured out of how to use cheat code :P So I am enjoying it more right now. it is pleasant surprise to find that I do enjoy a charming game 'Professor Layton and The Curious Village'. I would highly recommend this good puzzle/mystery game to anyone.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Here Comes the Crimson/Black

I did it... I finally jump into the deep end, pry open my coffer and buy myself a NDS Lite. In Crimson/Black color no less.

The I was planning to buy it from was closed yesterday. Since I was in the mood to shop, I decided to go to another shop near by.

I ended up buying just the basic package with 1Gb MicroSD memory card and a headphone. Since they ran out of airfoam bag and the casing. I guess I will have to go again later to buy those. I wants to put the DS in my bag.

So far I have been playing several games on it and it was fun :D Especially Eco Creatures: Save the Forest Game ;)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

So Close

It is so close... I could feel it creep up on me, like a hunter prowling toward the prey. The prey, me, is fully aware of the hunter and plotting the course to ward it off a while longer. Yet, I know it is almost inevitable. I am close to succumb to the temptation and the take the plunge, jump the gun, and yield to the desire...

I am barely able to resist buying a DS Lite...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Over the Rooftop Came a Hidden Blade

I have been playing Assassin's Creed for a few days and I must say... It is FUN to play. Despite it's keep crashing randomly for some reason...

The graphic is beautiful plain and simple. The whole town is your playground and you can climb up the roof, splinting and jumping between buildings, climbing the tower and taking a 'Leap of Faith' into the stack or cart of hay below. All of these activities were presented with fast pace and large map to roam in. It is strangely gratifying when your character jump on top of a guard and impale him with the hidden blade. I particularly like the 'View Point' where you have to climb on top of particular tower or guard post to overlook the area. The scene of the character perching on the ledge like eagle overlooking the city is gorgeous, as well as the 'Leap of Faith' to come back down :) It should be applauded that it take rather short load time for the size of the map.

Now the cons, while it is believable that there will be beggars in the city. It is not fun to have them keep cutting in front of you while you try to go about your business, especially when you about to stab someone in the neck. While the horse riding is quite easy to maneuver, it is rather boring when you have to make the horse 'Walk' to avoid alert all the guards. I still have not been able to find how to turn on the subtitle, which lead me to believe there is none. Plus you cannot skip *Any* cutscene, no matter which button you press. There is also no manual save function, only an obscured automatic one which give you no clue as to when it happen. This annoy me quite a lot when combine with the random crash which lead me to keep slaying the target again with no time saving to skip the cutscene.

All in all, it is a fun game to play, and I am looking forward to finishing it soon.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Deviant Deviation

After years of lurking on, I finally notice that they offer free subscription. So I finally make my own account :D

I will update it with photos from my trips. I am still have to think of what will I featured as my DeviantID though...