Sunday, December 31, 2006

One more before 2006

It's been a crazy year indeed... Other than went on a trip to Japan with my family (see the side bar) the rest seems like a blur and not as important...

I wish for something better next year... At least I will do something fun on New Year's Eve... Just like last year :)

Thursday, December 28, 2006


I first saw this clip once on TV years and years ago, but I remembered it quite vividly. I was started to watch sitcom on cable and back then the local cable seems to mostly shows the sitcom from the 80s and Golden Girls was one of them. I love that sitcom so much...

What can be funnier than this!! XD

I am so happy that I finally found this on Youtube. God bless the person who upload this clip.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Another Changing Time

When I look back at my old post a year ago, things has change a lot since.

I was just a happy go lucky sort of guy, living day by day with little worried with the world and this year I became moody, sullen and slightly vindictive toward life in general. The culprit is, without any doubt, my job.

Now with the venture I mention in previous post, I will finally be able to quit and concentrate on my well being instead. I had weight myself on a scale recently and confirm what I had suspicious of ever since my bigger pants felt fit around my waist. I had officially gain more weight than I thought. The first digit had changed! I need to work outs... Things will be better once I quit my job.

It is time to join a gym and work my ass off, I guess it is time to ask around which gym is populated with hunky white gay men :d

Friday, December 22, 2006

Finally a breather

The venture I did with my friend finally get his approval. It is like lifting a mountain off my chest!!

Now I can look forward to slightly brighter future and quitting my current job... It became too much with the 12 hours night shits working every other 3 nights, regardless of the public holiday.

Looks likes I will be enjoying this Christmas after all, even if will just be on Christmas day.

On another bad news... I gain weight... Another reason why I wants to quit the job. I can eat only a meal or two when the hours were less...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Guilty Pleasure

Another quickie... This is my 'guilty pleasure' song :)

Boy... how I wish I have a boyfriend to grind with while this song blasted on a streo.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Chill Finally Arrive

The Winter finally arrive in Bangkok. The dawn is about an hour later than usual now and the morning chill can be felt outdoor.

It felt good to have a 10 degree C drop in temperature for a change. Now I can sleep better in the daytime, at least for awhile.

I had been working for 6 nights in a row for two weeks.... It was so f*cking tiresome. I wants to quit this job...

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Prince: A Quickie before Bedtime

I found this old MV on of one of Prince's song that like and kinda stuck in my brain :) Not to mention how the sexy MV seems to burn itself in the back of my mind for a long time :P

I like how Prince sing this song. He sounds like he is bellowing out the song full force without straining and to me it sounds slightly hypnotic :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Banana

I have been meaning to do this post for quite sometimes. The problem is that the subject in the photograph is not easy to find and when I find them it wasn't long before I devour them all :p

Here is what I am talking about

Aren't they look good enough to eat??? :d

They are grilled bananas, one of Thailand's.... well it's not dessert and it's not appetizer, you will not find this any restaurant as they are usually found on street side stands.

They use a particular kind of banana called 'Hugmoog'; Hug means to snap or break things (usually in half) and Moog means pearl. I do not know the origin of the name however :p Anyway these bananas will be cut when the peels are still green. When grilled the peel will be slit and then place on hot charcoal grill. The secret seems to be in the timing of grilling. When grilled at the right time the banana will turn sunflower yellow, it will became sweeten and very very juicy. I could ate 6 of them at once or more :dd.

Too bad that they are not easy to find in BKK and whenever I found some I would buy 3 to 4 pieces at least at a times :ddd They seems healthy at a first glance but as MusicMan said when I send him this photo "It's not heathly since it's charcoal grilled"

It seems that whatever taste good are usually bad for you eh...?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Clive and his BMW

A while ago I was browsing on Youtube to kill some time and I came across some clips of Clive Owen. As it turns out, the clips was part of a series of short movies comission by BWM to showcase their car with Clive Owen as the driver in every movies, each was directed by different famous directors. Below are two of my favorites of the series :)

What's not to like about this clip? Features King of Soul, Gary Oldman, Las Vegas, and special cameo guest star at the ending XD

I like this one because of the score music, apart from the feel of the whole movie, anyone have the score music?

About Mr. Clive Owen... Well, what else can yo usay about the man other than he is All MAN with all the capital letters! The man is not exactly handsome but the man raw sexual appeal that could melt you on the spot and that's even when you have not heard his sotto baritone voice... How nice would it be to have someone like that in bed, rolling around in rough manner with his deep voice growling in your ears...

Ohh... How I wish I would know someday...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Instant Message on a Go

I had covered this topic before but it is time to update a bit since I just found out that AOL also have the web IM (Instant Massenger) as well. Therefore, start from the beginning:

In case you are in a situation where the computer you are using do not or cannot or do not wanted to install certain IM software but you wants to chat with your friend on MSN, Yahoo, or AOL here is your solution.

MSN Web Messenger, this one is, of cause, for MSN users. However, true to Microsoft's style, it will only works when you are using Windows OS and preferably with Internet Explorer as your browser (on the website it said it will also works with Netscape 7.1 but I doubt anybody still using that one)

Yahoo Web Messenger, the name saids it all. This one seems to be tougher to use than the other... It seems to utilize different port than usual, thus, it probably will not work in case of office environment where they often blocks most other internet activities other than web browsing.

AIM Express, for AOL users. This one seems to be the most versatile among the three. It works in closed environment, just like
MSN Web Messenger (my praise to that) and it will works on most web browsers as well.

I hope this post is useful to whoever read this :)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Music Therapy and Template Update

I have not been in the best mood lately...

With the prospect of have to working for more nights than usual due to staff shortage, the new lead from my younger bro has not contact him again (it's been a month now), and the fact that the system that I have my work on will be replace by the end of January, made me quite worried about my future.

I know that I no longer wish to work 12 hours a night 3 nights on 3 nights off anymore. Esecpially no the telephone operator job that will became full time once the current system has been replace. I think I can get transfer to tech support position, but that is under the same boss and I have no desire to work under her anymore...

Anyhow, I find that in the moment like this, Rock songs seems to help quite a bit. Such as blasting guitar and goth style of Evanescense, Amy Lee's emotional vocal seems help me cope for the time being. I guess I will have to try harder with job hunting and other plans... If any of you readers have job leads for me please feel free to either leave comments or email me. I am getting slightly desperate and any help would be Very appreciated.

I also finally do the template update thing with the intension of being able to add the red ribbon on my blog. The end results seems quite nice, luckily I copied the HTML code of my old template on to notepad beforehands so I could add my accessories and links back to the updated template. It took quite a while to completely restore my sidebar but it will be quite easy to work o nthe template and looks of the whole blog with the new features from the update. I suggest you should try it :) But only when you have time to update the sidebar back to normal and made sure you made copy of your old template beforehand so you have still have the original codes and links.

I also added a new feature called "True-A-Day" :D Scroll down a bit and you will see ;)