Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sleeping Aid

Today I came home from another 12 hours shift, although I felt tired I decided to stay up anyway. It was not a smart decision but the weather was hot... It felt like Summer is in full strength here.

Anyway, for the title, I think I will share with the readers a couple of tips that is said to help falling asleep.

1. Banana Ole with Honey: I read a health article about the food that help you fall sleep since they are loaded with Tryptophan is precursor of Serotonin which is the hormone that make you feel calm and therefore sleepy. In that article it mention several foods that has high level of tryptophan, although I remember the few which can be a good nightcap recipe. The items are: Warm milk, banana and honey. Warming the milk will make break down the component in milk to increase tryptophan which make it more effective. Add warm milk, banana, and honey into blender as you like and drink it :) Not only it's delicious, it would be quite healthy as well ;)

2. Body heat re-regulation: For this one I read it from Reader's Digest, which tells you about how your body works when you are about to sleep. According to the article, when sleeping, the body will re-regulate the heat from the center of the body to our limbs instead. Knowing this you can imitate the scenario by perhaps wear socks or hold on to a hot-water bag to simulate the sleeping heat pattern. It was said that this might help you falling asleep.

Sleep deprivation is bad to you across the board. From weakening the immune system to make your heart beat faster as your body is less efficient in oxygen transferred all of which can leads to serious health issues. I hope this post is helpful :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Afternoon with a Funny man :)

Today, as I promised, I went to see a new friend with talented tongue.

He is a New Zealander, who has been traveling the world for about two years. According to him, he has been to about 40s countries already and looking forward to do more.

The man really have an interesting family background. He regaling tales of his family members. How his mom's best friends were all her dad's ex-girlfriends at one times, how she tell people at the club that she doesn't have any children or grandchildren because she doesn't wants to explaining about them and how his mom have no needs to looks at weather reports on TV because every morning his dad would stand, stark naked, on the balcony scratching his balls and he can predict the weather of the day Correctly.

Needless to say his family is a big Hoot :)

Computer Show

Today my plan was to meet with a friend, however he have other engagement. He could only give me a *maybe* of whether we can meet or not.

Eventually we did not met, when I felt like my plan is going south I decided to check out CompMart instead.

I found some items to drool over with. Although I already bought my flash drive, the items is nice looking Creative speakers. It was not that expensive and has good sound. The 2.1 speakers cost 1,290 baht, which is not expensive.

However, I decided against buying one, afterall my current speaker is still working.

Maybe next times :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

300 - Pretty Legs and Great Big Knockers

I finally have the time and opportunity to see the movie 300 today and Boy Was it Fun!.

It was visually Stunning and I was not just talking about the all the displays of bare pecs and abs on various men through out the movie the background sceneries in general are beautiful too. Especially the one of Gerard Butler in buff starring at the moon in his bed chamber :p Although I was surprise that background scenes were quite realistic, although the light looks very rich and ambient. I was expecting it to be more cartoon likes, as in Sin City, but it still looks good.

Many scenes were quite gory but not totally grotesque. A lot of things seems overdone but in the context of the movie it just swept through without a hitch.

I also heard of how the Iran government protest that this movie has 'Anti-Arab' message. My opinion toward that is this. This is not a historic movie, the entire movie is base on Frank Miller's graphic novel of the same name. It is said that the crew pretty much use the graphic novel as storyboard for the whole movie, taken from it the visual styles, camera view and everything. So to accuse this movie of being 'Anti-Arab' is rather non-sense as this is not, by any means, a historic based movie but rather a comics based one.

As for my 'Pretty Legs and Great Big Knockers' remarks, I had watch Bette Midler's opening performance for Arsenio Hall show on YouTube with the song 'Pretty Legs', to watch click here, and it seems quite an appropriate for this movie. After all, it's pretty legs and great big knockers that sell the tickets :P

Update: After taking a quick peek at the comic version of 300m I found out that Miller actually draw some of the spartans in nude! Too bad that they probably could not do this in the movie :p Perhaps there will be a spoof porn of this movie afterward?

By the way, Paul if you wants the comic file let me know ;) I will upload it to a host for you.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I hate tag sites

Just this week I got emails from two people tagging me into their *social address book*(?) websites.

Personally I have nothing against such site... But what I Hate about these sties is that required me to registered into the site as well. I suppose that's how they built up their clientèles , but I personally find this practice Evil.

I don't likes that I am required to do this, I don't like that I have to give out emails to websites I do not intended for.

This particular website even have the audacity of saying in their email "Please respond or *Name*may think you are not their friend :(" How Dare They!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

My Baby Bear

I have a new member in my room. A bear actually, unfortunately he was not a human bear :P Here is his picture:

Ain't he Cute with capital C? :)

His name is Tiny, one of the mascot from the latest online game opening in Thailand. It was a package consist of Tiny, game client DVD, and activation code for close beta. I was so in love with the doll that I decided to buy one :) The photo was taken on my bed ;)

The white plastic thing in the photo is the 4Gb flash drive I bought yesterday :)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Trip to Pantip

My mom wants to buy a new Monitor to replace the one belongs to my younger bro. and sis., as that one will be taken to replace another monitor elsewhere.

So today we three, me and my two younger bro., went shopping at Pantip plaza. I went because I wants to finally buy a flash drive, my first younger bro. wants to buy his computer, and the youngest bro. went to help looks at monitor because it will be for the set that he use.

We went separately, as I was eating my breakfast :P, to Pantip. I walked around quickly and check out the price of flash drive in different shops. Finally I settle on Kingston 4Gb Datatraveler, with the lowest cost of 1,060 baht (without VAT).

My younger bro. spent quite a lot of money for his new computer... He got Intel Core 2 Duo, 7600GT graphic card, aluminum tower case and 19" LG L1960 Monitor.

However, my youngest bro. has his heart set on another new 19" LG Fantasy model. It does looks quite pretty, with shiny black frame and red light decor. However, it is expensive and beyond my youngest bro. needs. We tried to talked him out of buying this model. We tried threatened, bluffed, coaxed, and nothing works since our mom back him up on this. Until one of the shop owner that we know explain the monitors spec to him. However, the model that he has his eyes on is the same one as my younger bro. which he already bought the Last one... So now he went back to the same expensive model again.

We are not please with this, but we had tried our best...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Busy March

As I look upon this month I realize that I will be quite busy, too bad it was not going to be filled with men every other days...

Of big events, there will be career expo on March 16-18, of which I seriously need to check out. And then on March 22-25, there will be ComMart Expo, the tech sales events. I recently realize that the price of flash drive has drop tremendously since after new year. My younger bro. seems to went to Pantip on Monday and told me that he found some flash drive with 4Gb that cost only 1,000 baht!! I will definitely buy one of this. Unless they have larger flash drive with reasonable price :dd

Also on the movie front, 300 will be release on March 8, and Ghost Rider on 22.

I am going to do some job applying and I still have two vacation days left which needed to be use before April 1. It is going to be a busy month and I hope I will have some good time squeeze in it.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Showering Time

The weather in Bangkok started to became normal (sweltering heat of 35-38C) However it still not that hot just yet, as I kept my room almost perpetually dark, it still felt slightly cool when turn on the fan at full speed. But it make shower time fun and quite comfortable. Now I can shower with full water pressure and at comfortable temperature.

I also found this funny clip on YouTube (again.)

I wondered how much of this is true for gay men...

I wondered if the clip can be apply to gay men from both the woman side and the man side...