Monday, March 28, 2011

Another cold day in Bangkok, Oh and I saw Sucker Punch

Just as I bought a new 18" fan, the weather taking a tumble back to low 20C again.

As I am typing this, I am wearing my new jacket in my office. I kinda like this weather but as usual it was a pain to shower. The wind make it a small torture to stay off the shower stream to pick up the shower gel bottle, etc. The weather forecast on my phone shows that it will warmed up by Friday. So tonight I will probably wear my full t-shirt to bed again...

I went to see Sucker Punch on Saturday. I was kinda prepared to see how bad it was from a few article about how the critics panned this movie. But I was not prepapred for what the movie was. The beginning looks promising but it went elsewhere, literally, soon after. The main protagonist, Baby Doll, soon went inside her head to cope with the situations and never came back out. The action sequences looks great, although the slow motions started to get tedious after the 10th times it was used. I left the theater with rather perplex feelings like I cannot wrapped my head around the movie quite right. I think that the problem was in the script and the decision to make it double layered fantasy without going back to reality until the end. In retrospect, I think it was kinda like modern day 'Alice in Wonderland'.

For me, the movie failed to draw me in more than the visual level. The story was somewhat disappointed since we do not see how things went in reality. And like many comments that I glanced through on some website, the movie was just visual feats with not much substances. I was glad I didn't spend more to see it in IMAX.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cold and Hot

It has been a strange few days from about Wednesday to Saturday in that it gets really really cold in Bangkok.

How cold it was? It was 18C. I check the thermometer in my bedroom and it was 18C, in the middle of March. It is supposed to be Summer here and yet somehow we got the chills coming down from China. I even have to wear pants and turtle neck long sleeves t-shirt to bed. It was raining a bit as well.

Again, I was torn between the happiness of confortable sleep under my blanket and the torment of taking a shower in the morning to get to work.

It was getting warmer all day Saturday. I went from shivering under the shower in the morning to taking the shower joyously by the time I got home from work. It is not back to the usual blazing Bangkok Summer heat yet. And according to the weather forecast on my mobile phone, it will stay that way for a while. I must admit that I like the in between temperature. The cool at night so I can sleep comfortably and the not too cold so the warm shower machine heat the water enough for me to shower comfortably.