Friday, November 27, 2015

A great Evening with a Friend and a Stranger

CA said that he been craving American style Thankgiving food this year, after had had it a couple of years ago.  He went to a hotel buffet at the recommendation of his friend who was a food critic for a big newspaper.  The price was 950+, which is not as bad as it sounds.  It was the cheapest one compare to the list my friend came up.

He then send me message that we will be joined by a woman he contact from Couchsurfing network, who had 50 good references on the website he added.  Turns out, the good references was highly accurated.

I arrived at the hotel around 17:45 for the 18:00 opening time.  We pretty much talked non stop from the time we met until the time the restaurant closed at 22:30!  With subjects ranging from the woman's, an American from New England, MA who had been traveling for  almost 4 years, expereince with working as English language teacher in Lebanon in refugee camp, to her studies of Islam history, her traveling experiences. the works he had done, the languages, religions, etc.  Time flies when you are in good company that's for sure.

The food was kinda ok I supposed...  The reason I had a great time was the socializing with my friend and the stranger. 

And the cherry on top of the evening?  My credit card provide 20% discount for the whole meal :D.

I wish I could this like once a month.  It would be so good for me on many levels...  But, for now, I am happy to keep the memory and write it down on my blog.