Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Damn Spammers and My Fable Overdose

I have been somewhat lazy and torns between subjects of rant to be added here... I have a bit of enlightenment ideas for you guys to read so I guess I will just type it down now and explain the meaning of the subject later.

Spam mails, there is no need to explain that word. If you are reading my blog chances are you already know what pain in the ass (and not in the good way) spam mails are. But what you probably did not realize is that You actually PAY your hard earn money for the sending of spam mails.

Why did I say that? I know this for sure when I combine three seemingly unrelated stories that I have read and learned through out the year.
  1. About 60%-70% of emails traffic on the internet are spam mails. Yeap it's getting really bad ever since people began warning that it will be a problem and now none of the politicians have the spine to stamp out these spammers.
  2. Any ISP (Internet Service Provider) will generally setup their email server with 50% capacity more than the peak traffic just in case (as it's the genereal practise in this business.) And with the epidemic I mention above, ISPs will have to setup their email servers to be much larger than without the spam mails' traffic. Plus not to mention that they have to install spam mail filters and keep it upto dates. All of which cost money.
  3. What I learn in business class? Companies will always push their expense to the consumers in the form of the price of their product. Which, in this case, will be the price of your internet service from your ISP.
So what will you get when you combine all the stories above? You ended up paying higher internet cost due to unrealistic email traffic cause by spammers in the form of higher internet cost!! Seriously I think spam issues should be handle by Interpol since internet is global afterall. Company setup in one country can do business in another and avoiding the laws. Too bad the world have other serious issues to focus on this white collar scumbags.

Anyway... I recently got meself a new game called Fable: The Lost Chapters. An Action-RPG game from Lionheads studio of Peter Moleneux the man who concieve Populus, Dungeon Keerpers, Magic Carpet, and Black & White. In this new title you will play as a hero set out to fulfill his destiny and he can choose to be either good or bad in the process. The idea was to allow you to play as good or bad the way you like it. But you end up with just the different look of your character and that's it. It's much easier to play as good guy instead of bad guys since most of the things you have to defeat for experince will add to your good alingment.

Still the game is quite fun :) With the rather unique stat increase method you will see your character grow from a scrawny young man to tall muscular man :) And for magic users you will also get bluish arcane patterns all over your body as well. Click here for bigger picture

There are several hair style, facial hairs and tattoos so u can customize your characters as well. That's my character :) Isn't he look cool??
I have been playing this game for about a week now... My sleep time is totally ruined :p


savante said...

Any chance of seeing the hunk with his pants off? :)


Pete said...

Only if you redo the skin (similar to The Sims series' skin I think) yourself... :)

The PC version of this game allow you to do custom tattoo though... It give you base skin to apply tattoo on. I think if you are skilled enough you can paint naked parts over the undies :P

Anyhowm you can get married in the game to both men and women ;P

Holden said...

Hi Pete...

I heard you can do a lot more than just getting married... but i am not sure how that would work...

I am playing the game on X-Box and really having a hard time finding the town's queer so that my hero can make merry with the men, ehhehehe