Monday, September 19, 2005

Being gay in Bangkok

Inspired by Paul's comment in my previous post I decided to do this post as a ranting of sort about gay life in general.

When you look at being gay in all aspect, it is Not abnormal behavior or that big of a deal. To think that some people dedicate their life to anti-gay course repulses me , after all there are more serious issues than how some men wants to share their bed with another men.

I hate when people use religions as an excuse of their own bigotry. Talk about blind fate!!

As for life in Bangkok, I would say that there is no better places to be gay than in Thailand. We are mostly tolerated people. You will find ladyboys working as salesperson in many shops in the shopping mall as well as in the perfume section in their long hairs and makeups! . I wondered if this is common in any other countries, if anybody from other countries could tell me in the comment section I would be very appreciated.

I would say that gay people in Bangkok are mostly safe here in most account... However, the newspapers will always add the word 'gay' when the crime was committed by gay or when the victim was gay, I heard some lament about whether this is necessary to put it so blatantly that this happen to or by gay.

Even so, I still think that Bangkok, or even Thailand, is the best place to be gay in the world. Since this is Buddhism country and it's been taught for a long time that what happen in this life is the results of our actions in previous life. So mostly people just left us alone thinking that we pay for our karma in this life as gay or it might be as simply as they just mind their own business.

And really People, what is the big deal about men wanted to have sex with other men?? As per old saying in Thais. It's not like we did it on your head so F*uck off would ya idiot fundamentalists??


savante said...

Yes, what's the big deal about guys sleeping with other guys. Guys should be sleeping with me - just to prove a point :)


Chaichakri said...


ผมยินดีมากมายรู้จักคุณครับ. คุณเขียนภาษาอังกฤษเก่งมาก, คุณเรียนที่ Assumption หรือ ?

Let me just continue in English. I got here from Paul's blog, and I must say, you have an interesting blog here. I guess, I would be back for more!

I guess, you would be among my first Thai CHinese guy on my blogroll!


Pete said...

Your thai beed a bit of improvement :) but you got most of it right :)

Glad to see you here ;)