Friday, May 30, 2008

Price of Food Up, Satisfaction Down

The latest food price rise is started to affect me... At least three of the eateries place I venture raise their price by five to ten baht... And I am not happy.

I wondered if things will get back to the great before or not. I hope so but I doubt it... People will just tough it out and before long it will became a norm... **sigh**

At least I finish the required assessment form yesterday, what a relieve!!

Now I have to hit the bed soon because I will have to be up at 6:30 for work...

I will also went to submit my visa application on Monday... I hope I can get it without much fuss...

Also... There is a new teacher in my office, he is Uber cute. And there will be a welcoming party for him as well as farewell party for the leaving one. I must say I am quite looking forward to that as well

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Closer Affairs

I had became a fan of the TV series 'The Closer'. After watching a few episode of the first season I was hooked!

Although I must say that Kyra Sedgwick character's accent is very southern and perhaps can get on your nerve, her acting (the accent included) make the character seems real and believable. The chief was sharp and cunning at times and can also bequite clumsy and bumbly acted as well. Not the mention neurotic, still worried about what her parents' opinion of her, and not to mention an ex-CIA to boot!!

Her team is also a collective group of police with different specialties in addition to their ages, ranks, and even race. Which allow the show to play with the interactions between the team members, their contribution and facets.

Just like any good shows, the writing is very good, each episode was quite fresh in their story and context.

I will certainly watch it till the end :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Moving On To Another Topic

It seems that none of my fans (little as they are) are in London... So I guess I will moved on to another topic...

I recently read some more infos on Final Fantasy Tactic A2, due to be release late June, and I got the urge to play it right away :P Since it is not release yet, my thought went to the GBA version that I still have not finish since a few years ago. I was at the point where I need to finish several more missions and then I will clear the game but I do not have the items required for those missions.

After reading up on the mission requirement and such, it still take me a few more days and frustrating moments to tricker the mission availabilities. Once that's done the rest is a breeze. Especially after adding level cheat code :P

It was enough to sate my hunger for the game for the time being, but it still be almost a month away from the release. The new season of House would also help :)

I am also struggling to complete my self assessment form required by the office. I am drawing blank on what I should write about... I think I will ask to see this form from one of my colleague...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Materializing the London Plan

I am planning to visit London, for the first times. This will be my first trip on my own as well!

I am finalizing the details of where I will stay and the plant ticket. I am, however, only have the general ideas of what to do and where to visit. I admit I am not a 'culteral tourist', rather I am the... usual gay tourist :p A Single gay tourist :p

Anyhoo, I am still planning to the visit the usual tourist traps. Like Covent Garden, Harrod, and perhaps Sherlock Holmes club. And then a few gay places.

Anybody could recommend places to visit? :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Fear Had Come True

It happen just as I feared... Now my weekends are Sunday & Monday. I do not like it but there is other choice... I guess it iwll be like this until next year. At least I can still take day off when I wants to, albeit, one week notice is required. This will also be the second times when I have to work 6 days straight because of the shift. Next times it would be better... Hopefully

I am still planning my visit to London. Although I still have to look out for hotel or B&B. I am tempted to just buy a tour trip and go. But I still do wants a freedom to let loose and see the people :p

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Great Shower

Today was a rather unbelievable day in Bangkok.

It was raining since morning, then stop, then rain again, and then stop, and rain again. So today I choose to buy my lunch from the wanton noodle stand near my office. I do not think I will do so again tomorrow... I might just brace the rain and went out to eat.

A few of my regular eating place, the noodle stand included, had raise their price. It kind hard to stomach this when you actually felt the pinch of the situation. The news today even stated that it hits the *regular folk* quite hard, judging by the pawn shop business. And if I remembered correctly, the news said that the pawn shop business went up to 600 mils now in comparison to 100 mils last year. That just sounds rather depressing.

It is the beginning of the new terms in my office, thus, my Sat-Sun weekends also comes to an end. The boss wants to put me on Sun-Mon weekend instead. I do not think I can object this times around... Especially when the new coordinator will has Thu-Fri off.

Friday, May 09, 2008

General Rants

There is not real news to post about so I guess I will just post a rather generic rants of late.

The weather is now back to the old pattern, blazing hot if it is not raining. I guess it will be this way for a few months, before we will be hit with rainy season.

The harddrive that I recently bought, merely almost a week ago, now reduced in price by 100 baht... I know I should not take this personally but it still sucks.

I recently got started to play Jump! Ultimate Stars on my DS, after I found the one with partial English translation. It is oddly satisfying to be able to control your favorite manga characters and have them beat each other up. The annoying parts are the winning conditions. Some are rather hard to achieve and that will determine whether you can unlock certain characters or not.

I still have not made any progress regarding my trip to London. I just wants to know my new weekends before sending request to get my paper from the office. I am still have no idea where to book for hotels and such... I still have not research all the... 'decadent' activities I can have fun with... I should really began doing those things now... July is approaching, Fast!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Out with 200, In with 750 and Delayed Devotion

I finally made the purchase I have been itching to made. I bought 750Gb Hitachi S-ATA II harddisk. The day was certainly long, a lot longer than I would preferred for sure.

I began the day by taking an a/c bus to Zear rangsit, to claim my mouse. The right button was working half the times, and I thought there was something wrong with the computer at first. After wasting sometime at the claiming process, as the person in charge was out to lunch (I was there around 13:00). It was 14:00 by the time I left.

Then I took two buses to the shop that have the harddisk I want. It took me quite some time to actually reach the place. It was located in a village/resident area. I realize that they must do wholesales as well as there were about 10 or more customers waiting to get their orders.

When I finally got home, I began open my computer case. I began by brushing out the dust, and then began switching things. That when I realize that I do not have spare S-ATA II cable. Luckily, though, that an IT accessories shop near by have it. I began the data transferring around 18:00. However, I finally go to bed at 7:00. That's right seven effing AM in the morning. It was freezing up when I choose a lot of files to copy away. I ended up having to copying only a few GB at a time to help ease the problem. Finally, when I have had enough I select the last 21GB or so to copy and go to bed.

Then my office call, around 9:00... To ask if the cable TV, which have problem with late payment and results in signal disconnection, will still show the local TV. I said I don't think so...

I finally woke up, by myself around 11:30, about an hour ahead of my alarm clock. It was rather hellish...

On the brighter note, I found a new favorite song. 'Delayed Devotion' by the up and coming welsh singer Duffy. I was watching 'Tonight's Show with Jay Leno' and Duffy was the musical guest, performing her current single 'Mercy' The way she sang it, it reminded me of the older generation soul singers. She also rocks at singing live too :D I recommend you search on youtube for her live performance ;)