Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Buying Sneakers and Repairing My Work Shoes

I spent about 15 minutes investigating the sneakers I wants to buy. It was a good thing because the one that I want, with the color that I want, is not available in my size. I, however, found another cool looking one with higher flooring and a bit sturdier looks but it string tied sneakers and not the velcro type that I would prefer. I do not wants to fiddling aroudn with shoestrings but it seems that I do not have a choice.

I wants a black color pair, but the one I wants only available in brown and light brown, and too big in size or too small. I sort of made up my mind, about 90% already, and I will make the purchase after work. Then I will take my work shoes to the brand's store for repair right away.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Camera Got. Next, sneakers and Perhaps A Backpack

I finally bought new digital camera. I finally settle on Panasonix Lumix FX-33. After narrowed down to two choices between this one and Ricoh Caplio R7. I tried them both at ComMart fair today. Ricoh R7 have really really loud zooming mechanism, it was quite loud that even though I read reviews about this before hands it still surprised me.

I will go to JJ market this Sunday to looks at some sneakers and perhaps a bigger backpack. Although I have seen those that I am quite like already but I have not been to JJ market for quite a long time now.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Second Camera

Tomorrow I will go to ComMart fair and browse and, may, purchase my second digital camera. I have narrowed down to two choices, between Panasonic Lumix FX-33 and Ricoh Calio R7. Hope to be able to test them both myself tomorrow at the fair. And I must not forget to buy the universal adapter for the extension so I can charge my electronics (DS Lite and mobile phone) while in London.

Today I had paid my ticket and got my confirmation. I have also found the sneakers I wants to buy but I will wait till I check out JJ market this Sunday before making the purchase.

It is nice to have an activities filled time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Couple of Disheartening Moments

Today I tried calling MusicMan and Mr. American mobile phone, using my office line. Since I figured that both of them seems to avoid not answering my calls and Voila! They both answer and then hastily say they are busy/in the meeting and please call later or I will call you back (consecutively).

I will try calling Mr. American again before I leave work tonight. If he still would not talked to me, I will hornoured his request to severe the tied with him. Which would not make much differences in my life since he did an disappearing act on me for the last 3-4 years. As much fun as it seems for me to keep beating myself over trying to keep old friends, I think it's times to adopt a new attitude and just cut away the quiet party.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Flight Change

After another call to my travel agent, I found a more suitable flight but it add another night to my plan. This seems to stress me more than it should... As of now, I still have not arrange loding for that one additional night.

CA, who is now in London, will not be around for me to crash at his place. My fag hag, aka Grace, still have no response to my contact attempts. My last contact is a rather long shot, so by tomorrow I will have to e-mail my B&B and book one more night...

I will go shop for digital camera this Friday, shoe shopping in JJ market on Sunday and then go to the travel agent office and pay for my ticket on Monday. I think I am getting dizzy from all the things I have to pay in this short amount of time.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Visa: Got, Now the rest...

I got my UK visa :D Now I can go, but I have no real travel plan yet :pp

I had booked my plane ticket, reserve B&B, and notify my London contacts but I have not set where I will see exactly yet... People in my office recommend a few places, like walking along the Thames rivers, the British Museum, and London Eye. The thing is... I am more interested in... gay places and *activities* :p

Now that I can go, I need to buy new camera... As my mom took mine to replaces hers. I also need sneakers, since I do not own one. But the price of *Air* sneakers are quite expensive... Maybe I will just settle for some loafers instead...

I still need to decide on which camera to buy... Luckily there will be another ComMart fair next week. I can check them out soon.

I am both happy yet apprehensive about this trip. It will be my first trip on my own and I do not know what to expect. But I know I should do this, I really really should.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Visa Application, Calorie Mate, and Additional Info on Last Post

I had a restless night. I guess it's the nerve that I usually have on the eve of travel of important day. I woke up at the alarm but groggy as hell...

Anyhoo... The application went through without a hitch. Now I am waiting for the results. While I was in the waiting area, a saleslady handed me a pamphlet. Turns out it's a pamphlet to sell UK's prepaid SIM card, oyster card, and travel insurance. If I get my visa I think it would be good to buy those right away.

After finish with the submitting my application, I was thinking about going to Isetan, a Japanese department store near by to look for Calorie Mate. However, it was too early, and the dept. store did not open yet. So I eventually take a bus to the 'Japanese Avenue'.

It was quite easy to find but not as many shop a I imagine, but I did found what I was looking for :D I went into the UFC supermarket and ask a few staff about this. They were extremely helpful. They only have small pack, 2 pieces box, for 88 baht. I bought one for trial. I think I will try one tonight or perhaps I will take it to show at the office tomorrow before trying one.

There is also a bakery shop nearby, I went inside and saw a piece of roll cake that has banana pieces inside and as topping. It looks real good and just 50 baht too :dd. I bought one before I left the area and went into Emporium and ate it there :d

I forgot to blog about the interesting songs they play at the restaurant. It sounds very much like a lounge style music, like Sinatra and such, but the songs themselves are of Beastie Boys, Nine Inches Nails, and Radioheads!! It start feel odd when the song, done in lounge style, with the lyrics chorusing 'Baby got Back, and I like them'. It finally dawn on me, and a few other people at the table who are all English literate, when the chorus 'f*ck me like an animal' ringing through the speaker. It is really strange I tell ya... I also just found a website about the album. Click here if you are interested.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Office Party Night and Wonderful

Tonight is the night of the office party to welcome new teacher and say good bye to the leaving one. The food was quite good and a lot people turn up including the new teacher and the one that is leaving :)

Anyhow, I leave the party rather early as I have my visa application to go tomorrow morning *fingers cross*

I also found this clip that I am very fond of. I first hear this song from one of the audition in the 4th cycle of "So You Think You Can Dance". I remember the voice, it was Annie Lennox, and after a bit of search I found the song. Even better, I found her Acoustic Live version as well.

However, the original video post have very low audio. So I download and put it through conversion to make it louder, the easy way :P

Here it is :)

I am really admire her singing voice. I find that she is one of the few musician whom I like their live performance than the studio release version.