Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 4 Sunday: Take it Easy

I decided to take it easy today as I still pondering whether to buy a trip outside of the city or not.

So spent most of the day checking the other side of the city, the area behind the Wenceles Square. I found a park on my Google map so I decided to check that out. I loaded up the Google Map using the hotel WiFi signal to get the map and use it guide my way. It was not a long walk but it still take some time.

As I walked passed the national museum, I can see that not too far off there is a main train station with many railways going under the hillside that the museum is built on. The area behind the museum look more modern than the main tourist spot and sure it a lot less people.

I eventually reach the park. It was on a hillside with uphill walkways. I walked up to the top which overlooking the city. It was a lovely view with some folks jogging or walking their dogs. On another side, I could see the TV building in the distance with the famed baby statues. All in all it was a nice park with lots of big trees and a canopy area. There is also a path with flower islands in the middle with several butterflies fluttering about.

After spending some nice relaxing time in the park I walk back to my hotel for a bit of pit stop. I flicked through the channels on the TV, lying in bed and relax. I even took a bit of nap, something that my mom would sure told me off, saying that I could take a nap at home and not when I am on vacation :P

I have decided to buy the tour at last. I went to the hotel front desk to buy it. I choose to buy the tour to Karlovy Vary, a spa town. I choose this one over another tour because it sounds more relaxing and the length of the tour is one hour less than another one.

Then I left the hotel to walk to explore the other side of the city and head toward the river side walk path. It was a fairly long walk but it was nice to see the other side of the city. Along the way I noticed some differences in building style and I even found an art building.

I finally went to the traditional Czech restaurant that the guide recommended. It was, as she warned, nothing to write home about. The food was rather bland, not a lot of taste and not much in size.

I eventually went to bed a bit early as I will have to get up one hour early for the tour.