Friday, June 29, 2007

My Daemon

I saw this at Paul's blog, since I am a suckers for this sort of things I have to tried it for myself and below is the result.

I guess the person who should help assess myself would be Nordic... But I am not sure how regularly he check out my blog :p

On another news, British Council call me again today to set up the interview appointment for IT assistance position. Too bad it will not be on the same day as the Customer Relation job... Now I will have to ask for two days leave... At least I will go on the later half of the day...

I also asked them about the working hour and working days. Since BC is an language institute, they work 7 days a week but each employees will work 5 days a week. For CS position, working hours will be 10:00-19:00 which is not bad in my case, since I live near by. They was not sure yet about the working hours of IT position but I can ask that in the interview.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Got Bitten by The Computer Bug

After finish trying the Overload Demo, I have the urge to upgrade my computer.

It will be a total overhaul, since I have my eyes set on the dual core series. I am still deciding whether to get AMD or Intel. This meant the mainboard will have to be replaced as well as the RAM. I also would have to buy new harddisk... since I have filled up the 250GB one :p

Then I will have to replace the display card... That one won't be too much trouble to decide.

I had done a rough calculation, the total cost will be around 20k baht. Plus I will have to re-install XP... I better prepared for that as well...

Friday, June 22, 2007

An Update on BC and a bit of Ranting

BC called me again in the evening to set up the interview appointment.

It will be two weeks from now, exactly two weeks too actually... Hopefully, I will be able to land this job. Since I don't think I would survive this current job... I am simply not pleased with the fact that I usually get home around 19:00 every workday...

I also got grilled by the new boss, over my poor grammar. I Know that my grammar is far from perfect. I think Torn, the English teacher by trade, could attest to that. I do not think it was that bad.

I still do not understand why the business correspondents have to begin and pretty much comprise with phrases and not sentences. Also the heavy use of present perfect tense... Maybe I can bum a quick grammar lesson from Torn ://

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Good News

British Council call me late afternoon, saying that I pass the written exam and would I be interested in the IT assistance position as well, since I have background in IT dept. They can use the application I already sent for the IT position as well.

I told the caller of course!! I would be happy with the IT position as well. And I added that I live very close to the office for the position I applied for. It will be very convenience for me to commute.

Then the caller said that she will add a note in my application for the interviewer that I will doing the interview for two positions.

I guess this means that I will expect to hear from them soon for the interview appointment. I can't wait to get back to my comfort zone :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Shameful Secret

It was a rather shameful admission but I must confess that I am now a fan of the reality show 'So You Think You Can Dance'

I have always been a fan of ballroom dancing. I always love to watch the ballroom dance show or movie. Of cause, this means I do like the movie 'Shall We Dance' and the one that Vanessa Williams stars with the Latin heartthrob Chyanne that I forgot the name right now :P

Therefore, I love it when they perform ballroom or Latin dance. Just this latest episode (on the local cable anyhow), Benji and Donnella had randomly pickup Cha Cha Cha step. They perform brilliantly. I like Cha Cha Cha step ever since I take up ballroom dancing class as PE during one semester :) After learning all the Waltz and Foxtrot, we finally learn Cha cha cha. I actually love
this step, just by the lively music and steps.

However, I has not been inspired enough to actually take dance lesson... I am still rather reserve about actually dance with a woman :p As a gay man, I would prefer to dance with another man :p

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Shopping Day

Today finally arrived, and I ended up spending about 3,500 baht on IT and computer items :P

Let's see... Starts with Memory Stick Pro Duo 4GB at A&L shop in Silom for 1,800 baht. Then when I walked into the Commart show, one of the booth near the entrance sold vertically-assemble plastic CD rack for 10 baht for each box (6 pieces) and get 2 boxes free for every 10 boxes. So I buy ten and paid 100 baht for twelve pieces. And then I walked around looking for memory card reader. I found one cost 90 baht which later seems to be broken, bastard...

After that its time for the main course. I walked to the Creative hall section and walk into the outlet section and found that the speaker set that I want is still on sales for 1,290 baht :D. The one that I bought is Creative Inspire 2.1 T2900. It has larger speakers and subwoofer than my current one. The feature that was a very present surprise for me is the one on the volume controller. It has headset and microphone socket which allow you to plug in the headset when you need to without having to fiddle around the back of the tower case and unplug and replug the cables :DDDD. Now I can finally watch some certain movies with sound and not afraid of embarrassing myself :P

So... 1,800+100+90+1,290=3,280 baht. Although I might have to buy the memory card reader later... I guess I would hold back for now.

I guess spending money really does bring me joy of some certain level. I guess it might have something to do with the illusion of having some control over some aspect of life... I couldn't help grinning and smiling when I walk away from the event hall holding one big box of the speakers and a large plastic bag full of the CD racks.

Now I have installed everything, reorganize my CD collection a bit and move things around to make room for the new items. Everything looks quite better now :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

No More Fantasy of Thai Airways

Today is the day Thai Airways release the results of the examination. My name is not on it.

To be honest... I am not sure whether I would like the job... I have never been a detail-oriented person and to do admin job does not seems to bode well with me. The only thing that attracted me to the position is the chance of working with Thai Airways and perhaps a chance to grow in that company. That chance has been shot down so I hope I will get a call from British Council soon...

I have something to look forward to though. Tomorrow will be the day I can go to buy the new set of speakers so I can listen to music and watch movie on my computer with ease. And not having to keep adjusting the volume. Also I have found a shop that sell Memory stick with cheaper price than my regular shop by about 400 baht. I guess I have to go buy it there...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Exam with British Council

It was indeed quite an intimidating experience to say the least. My cheerfulness was culled once I was in the reception area of the institute. There was about four women already sitting in the area.
Obviously they were there with the same purpose as I was. I was a bit early so I sat down at one of the desk and pick up one of the magazine on the bookshelf. When it was times for the exam, there were about 15 people, only three of them were men including me.

The exam was... slightly difficult, in the way that it was all written. I have not done written exams since my graduation. It did caught me off guard but I bounce back fast enough. The exam comprise of reading, writing and grammar. The grammar part is quite difficult for me, since I only rely on 'Probability Theory' :PP

I did complete the exam and leave to get ready to go to work afterward... I hope I will be able to get the job.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Bit of Good News, Career Wise

Today, I got a call from British Council for an appointment to do a test with them for the position I applied for.

That will happen on Wednesday morning, which means I will have to be late at work again... At first, I was thinking about telling the boss in advance that I will have an errand to do with my mom per her order :P

However, she came up with a better idea, which is to call the office on Wed morning and tell them I do not fell well and that I will go see the doctor in the morning. Added that maybe I might go in later in the afternoon. I must say... that my mom's version is a better excuse :P

Anyway, I really have to do this, after all I still have to look out for myself first. I hope I score well with this exam. I must add though that this job does help me improve my English quite a lot. I think it will improve my chance with the position.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Busted Cap, Darn IT!!!!

When I was on my home yesterday, I reached into my shirt pocket to turn on my MP3 Player. However, when I pulled it out I find that the battery cap was busted. One side of the... fang thing that held the cap in place already broken a while ago, now the another side is also broken and nothing is there to held the MP3 in place.

So today I called the local Creative dealer to ask about the repair. They say they can repair it but since it's already beyond the warranty, it will cost me 200 baht and they will replace the cap, I can even wait for it. I was busted with joy and hop on the subway to their service center.

But when I reach the center, I was told that they did not have the spare part anymore since the supplier stop sending them. Moreover, since I bought mine from Japan, they cannot replace the whole thing for me either since it was not from their stock. It became their standard practice now to 'hot swap' the items in case it's broken. It seems that the only way to have an mp3 player is to buy a new one.

Needless to say, my balloon was completely busted and the only thing left to do is to grab lunch at Fortune IT mall, window shopping a bit and go home. When I was looking at different items I realize that my w810i do have good sound and the price of Memory stick to be used with it was not that expensive anymore.

From the quick browsing, 2GB High Speed one cost about 1,450 baht, and the 4GB one cost about 2,200 baht. It seems to be a better plan than buying a new mp3 player outright. It was my original intension when I choose to buy this phone anyway. This way I no longer need to buy more AAA battery to feed my music habit :P

With ComMart fair only a week away, I will wait to check out the price. So I can compare it to the one from the game shop I frequent at MBK Mall. The owner promise me good discount for the purchase so I will have to put that into consideration as well.

I cannot wait for next week to come

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Dishearten and A Slight Relieve

Last night, when I got home I left Skype open, and CA must have been it as well and he called me. We chat about this and that, and I flirt with him a bit (saying about about how we have know each other biblically once :p).

After mentioned that I would grope him the next times we meet, he proceed to tell me that he is seeing someone in London and that they have an agreement. His guy was ok with CA play around with guy he attracted to but only once per men. Since we already did the deed, despite the fact that it did happen before this deal came along, CA decided that it still count as we already did it once :pp

So... The only way I would be able to get into his pants again, is for him to be completely single again. Part of me wish that would happen :pp Another part told me to move my obsession on to someone else, the virtue part of me that is. Still, I realize that I have not got a decent laid for quite a while. It is time for me to find time to Get Some!!

I also finally finished the application form for BC and emailed it at lunch time. Hopefully that will bear fruit and available for me to take it.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Current Status and A Slightly Lucky Break

The new job still went along quite smoothly, although the tension has built up slightly. I never realize how bad my English was till now :pp

The new boss had give me pointers for my written English to be more business like as well as correcting them grammatically and readability. I know I have the habit of writing long phases that is not easy to complete it as a sentence. She kept saying that she expected me to not making any mistake soon as well as said that I will get better in time.

I began to feel the tension and that does not help me liking the job better.

The good news, is that I am eligible to take the written exam for an Admin. staff position with Thai Airways. I also just finish my application form for a customer relation assistant at British Council.

Now I am hoping to get the one with BC, just because the office will be just one bus stop away from my house. Not to mention, better money and perhaps a more interesting works as well.

I do not know why just yet... That my new schedule has not sink in just yet and it left me tired and slightly cranky and not wanting to go to work.

Friday, June 01, 2007

My First Day at The New Office

Overall, It was an Ok experience, considering how nervous I was about actually having to work again. Not to mention, how it seems that mentally I am still wants to goof off and stay home and not work.

The first half of the day was rather boring, just the routine of getting acquainted with the other staffs and getting to know the task at hands. There were two new staffs today, me and another woman. We spend the morning reading the core document of the company.

Noon came and I was almost asleep, partly due to how late I went to bed last night :p The food from the near by vendor cart was... barely eatable but it was relatively cheap for the area.

After lunch, we were relaxing online a bit and then it's time to get back to work. My new boss began explaining what she expected of us and what our specific task would be. Mine was to make the candidates' resume became more interesting. be more "business like". I guess to sum it in one words, is to "Glamorize" it.

My main task is to help the boss upgrade the resume up to a point, then she will refine it to the company's standard. The task which keep her work till very late. So my version of the upgrading will help reduce that time she have to spend doing the upgrade.

So I spend most of the afternoon, until the end of work hour, reading through the resume and make it better. I guess being a rather small but efficient firm, they work quite fast. I too was able to finish doing my part in updating the resumes, for all 13 people today, within the last hour.

The traveling to and from the office was not as bad as I thought it would be. If only the bus I need shows up I could save some money. So far I realize I could walk from the BTS to the office, and that would save me 10 baht :)

I am still not sure if I would like this work... I am still waiting for the result of my application to another corporation. If I was able to go through all the hoops with that one, I think I will take it...

That is a big If though...