Friday, November 30, 2007

Update on my Head

I went to another hospital today to have my stitches clean for the second times. The wound was said to be inflamed and was a bit wet.

But when the doc ask the nurse whether there is any puss in the wipe, the nurse said it just look reddish. The doctor prescribe do more anti-biotic for me. When I look at the stitches on the mirror I saw whitish substance forming on the wound. I think it is the skin forming up.

No matter what, I think I will be happier once the stitches were removed. MusicMan also told me to get Vitamin E oil to apply on the wound o reducing the scaring. I remembered seeing this on Nip/Tuck once that the wife use Vitamin E oil on q-tip to apply on the slash wound on the face of the husband.

I will go ask around tomorrow

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cracking Forehead

Today is not a good day for me... As I have a minor accident of walking into the roll-up steel door on my way out to work and cut my forehead (a bit above my hairline)

It wasn't Too bad, though I bled quite a lot as these forehead cut usually do... I did, however, have to visit the hospital and have it stitches. So now I cannot wash my hair for several days and will have to go to a hospital or clinic everyday wound cleaning until the time to remove the tread which is Monday. I had bought a plastic shower cap on my way home so I can shower without wetting the stitches.

I also got tetanus shot :(((, And I am scheduled for TWO more... Although it would covered me for 10 years. The area where I got injected still throb even now (1:25 am the next day).

For anyone who are interested to see how my stitches are you can click Here. I choose not to upload the photo so you can choose whether you want to see it or not.

Addition: I must say I really like my new health insurance card. It covered the whole cost at the hospital, which altogether were about 2,300s baht.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mr. American Is Alive!

Today I finally get a hold on my long lost friend, Mr. American. I tried calling his mobile phone number, as I tried from time to time wondering how it never seems to be off but the battery never died yet no one answering it. He answered it today, at long last.

We only talk briefly because he was not in a good mood, and I can hear it his voice. He said that his business is not going well and that he will go back to USA this Friday and make a final decision to whether close his business and cut his loss or keep on going. Right now it costing his saving to keep it going and it is not a big saving either. He said he certainly would not be able find a job at his age and he is worried that he will go broke if he kept going. I do feel bad for him, he is one of the nicest guy I know, a long time friend to boot...

He said he will be back in a couple of week. Hopefully we will have time for dinner so we can really talk and catch up.

I wish things would work out for him.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Reduced Scale

I had weight myself yesterday and Woo Hoo to me because I weight 72.5kgs :DD

After two months or so on Herbalife protein shake my weight is more or less back on track. My goal is to back around 65kgs or so. However, now that my mom has moved out, this complicate my dinner time... As she is not here to cook for me :pp

I am wondering though of how much weight I would lost if I kept using it long term (6 months or so) Afterall, it is much easier this way for breakfast.

Hopefully I will lost a few more kilos before New Year's Eve bash :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I found this wonderful webcomic from an article on about geeky webcomics :P I like it quite a lot, the site also have "random" button which will randomly show you the strip. This one is one of my favorite.

Although I think this might gain a knowing looks or interesting glance, if you do it in West Hollywood or San Francisco :P

And this one hit pretty close to home :P

My room at night resemble the above strip, except that I do not use digital alarm clock. I just utilize the alarm function on my mobile phone ;)

And this one just crack me up XD

I hope you will visit the comics page, hit random buttons and have a good laugh. ;D

PS: If you can't read any of the comics please click on the strip or the name below to see it in full size.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hellgate: London and Viva Pinata

So... I know I have been slacking off on blogging a bit. My reasons are these two games.

Hellgate: London

I am glad to had upgraded my graphic card (along with my computer as a whole) otherwise I would have motion sickness playing this. For me, this game is simply on a so so level... I think mainly because I am not that into FPS style of game anymore. It also employ the random item generator, just like Diablo. I do not really like this method because it make really good stuff hard to come by. Even when I use trainer to get lots of money to upgrade my gears. Graphically it is to be expected of new game, also with my choice of class, Summoner, it means I do not go upclose to the monster. The weirdest part of this game are the speech. The NPCs all have only greeting lines but not for the dialogs. I find this slightly odd but maybe because it is meant to play MMORPG as well. Personally I just play it when I want a bit of from Viva Pinata or a change of pace.

Viva Pinata

The process of *acquiring* this game was quite stressful for me. It look me a fair few days to get it. I am glad that I finally got to install and play it on Monday morning before I went to work. I was a bit anxious about playing the game because quite a few people post on forum that they experience crash and glitch. Luckily, that never happens to me.

So, what I can say about this game? It bright, vibrant, colorful, cute, fun, and a breath of fresh air that have not really been gracing the PC world since... maybe ever. The game shows a vibrant green garden, colorful and stylish designs in all the visual aspect of the game. While this game excel in both visual and audio it fail quite miserably in control. With the game being directly ported from Xbox360, therefore game's control is quite clunky and inconvenient. The zoom function work in short distant, no mini map to help track your garden, to sell things in your garden required a few odd select and click process. Overall I agreed that they should have do a better job of making patch and bug cleaning before releasing the game. So far I found a couple of glitch namely stuck camera and missing menu bar (which actually stop you from doing things in the game).

The final verdict? This one game that Worth playing regardless. It is fun to play even just to observe your garden grow and thriving.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Quest Complete and now Viva la Pinata

I spend yesterday touring the city (somewhat) from Silom area to MBK. It was Fun :)

I had found the brief I was looking for in a shopping mall in Silom, I also bought a pillow case for my body pillow as well. I could not resist cause of the garden pattern with butterfly on white color. It was a nice design except that the pattern only shown on one side and about one third of the front. It was rather smart really... Make it as little as possible and still able to sell it.

I was also having a good time eating stir fried chicken noodle in Silom and chicken pita roll (Egyptian food) in MBK. Two of the meal that I like but rarely have the chance to eat them because I rarely went there.

I have been reading about how much fun Viva Pinata is from... I guess from Ursula Vernon's blog. I did not think much of it because it was a Xbox game but I am way excited when I found out that it is going to be release in PC format :DDDDD.

I spent the few days searching for it on the web and finally in the process of acquiring it. It is going to take me a few days to get it. I will see if I wants to use my leave day to stay home and play this game :P After all, I still have 4 days left that needs to be use before Christmas.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Winter Quest for the Slippery Underwear

The weather in Bangkok began to get a little chilly at night as Winter start to slowly creeping to the city.

I have changed my sleeping attires from tank top and shorts to pajamas pants and light summer t-shirt. Which is quite alright, I do like to sleep under blanket in Winter time :) I do fine that I sleep more soundly in winter.

I recently bought new underwear, it has 91% Polyamide and 9% Spandex and it felt great on my skin :) It felt sexy :P I only bought one because I wants to see if it will fit me, which it did and it felt great. But when I went back the next day to buy another it was sold out. So now I am planning to go to another shopping mall to buy this. Hopefully it will still be available else where.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Anoter ComMart Affairs

This will be the last ComMart event this year. I planned to go anyway and did not expect much, after all, I did not need to upgrade my computer for a couple of years at least.

However, I ended up buying something anyway :PP.

First thing first, I finally have my hands on iPod Touch. It looks and feel REAL cool!!

Here are the photos :)

It felt real cool to use, a real eye catcher that for sure. However, the darn thing is huge compare to other players. This is understandable because the screen is also huge in comparison. I think it will be too big for me to carry around that's for sure.

I also saw Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard with the price tag of 990 baht. I caved and bought it :PP It was quite a good deal, eventhough I realize that the reason it is quite cheap is because these seems to be those that did not pass the QC with minor scratches (I found two on mine, darn it). But it was not that noticeable, so I will let it pass :p.

Below is the photo of the keyboard on my computer desk :).