Sunday, October 28, 2007

Welcoming The Witcher

I have been waiting for this game ever since I have read about it on the web. It was suppose to be something different from the other Action-RPG.

The Witcher, is an Action-RPG game, in the style of... I guess the closet game to it is Fable: The Lost Chapter. I am slowly making progress in the game, part of the problem is that it take a rather long time to save/load and map loading. At first I thought it was just my computer, but I have check on some game webboard and found out that it is just the way Aurora engine behave... I think it would work better on 3Ghz single core compare to dual core 2Ghz...

The game is. however, looks very good, thanks to my upgrade. The voice acting is quite suitable, the main character, Geralt, sounds handsome yet emotionless, as expected of his profession I presume. There were several weapons to choose from but the most effective ones would be your steel and silver sword to be use with the Witcher fighting style. You cannot, however, stockpiling weapons either... It will goes into it designated slot and if you want to replace it, you have to throw the old one out before getting the new one...

The unique thing of this game is that the main protagonist, Geralt, is a ladies man. You can seduce certain female NPCs in each act and unlock their nude, Yes Nude, collectible cards :p I am glad I get the European released one :P

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dashing Dexter

I had first saw the ad of this TV series, Dexter, on one of the channel in the local cable (the show is on one of the Star channel I think) and I have a mild interest in it because the lead star is Michael C. Hall aka David from Six Feet Under.

After sometime I look the show up on Wikipedia and realize that it was not another run of the mill crime series. Because the lead character is a Serial Killer who only kill other Serial Killers. Eventually I acquired season one of the show and begin watching it.

First, it was pretty graphic regarding the dead bodies. Second, people were cursing like crazy, I am not sure if it suppose the some sort of macho thing to do in police force. Third, some sex scene were shown, with some boobs and butts shots. Also the show runs at about 50 minutes per episode. All of these factors made me think that it would be quite a stretch for the local cable to show this series in Thailand, eventhough it was quite good.

I quite like the show, in a few way I can relate to the main character. Because I know what it is like to be a loner. At least Dexter had good social skills, eventhough he was faking it :p

Friday, October 19, 2007

Loosen Pants, Daidomon and Esplanade

When I put on my slack pants for work yesterday, I felt that it is slightly loosen than usual. That Is a good thing, because the pant has 34" waist :p Although the tightness came back when I put on my belt...

Nevertheless, it seems that the protein shake is working. However, I had this urge to stuff my face full of food. I have a choice of either go to Kuroda or Daidomon. The thing is... I do not like the idea of going to Kuroda alone. For that price, I need someone to be there to talk to and order something different so I can have a taste as well. The friend whom I went to Kuroda with the last times has found new love and now moved to HK, Damn him :pp

So I decided to go to Daidomon, the one in the shopping mall next to Rama 9 MTR station. That shopping mall also have IT Mall section so I also went and bought the two-headed monitor cable for the office.

It is not very far from the new Cineplex+Department Store, Esplanade. This place was advertised as the Cineplex with the 'artsy' decor and style. I have not been to that place yet so I give it a try today.

The place is rather spacious with a lot of room to walk around, with the design of a high-class venue. Everything is white and shiny, the exterior are glasses windows, similar to the new airport. The food area, somehow, is on the basement floor. There were a few interesting eateries there, the price was rather on the expensive side.

I also found Sony Ericsson shop with firmware update service. So I finally update my phone today for the first times after I bought it :P

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Fabulous Mr. Charles Pierce

I first heard of Mr. Charles Pierce from HBO documentary 'Dragtime'. I read up on him a bit later on and learned that he is one of the first female impersonator. His acts are standup comedy in the contexts and guise of famous actress from the golden era like Bette Davis, Katerine Hepburn and Mae West. I have been searching for his performance from the one they shown in Dragtime without success. I recently found out that someone post one part of that act on youtube. And here are the clips:

Part One

Part Two

Please let me know if you have this whole performance.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Shedding My Fat!

I have got a rude awakening when I weight myself recently. My weight is closing in on 80 Kg.!!

I decided that it is time to do something about that. Not only that I began getting some creasing on my torso from overlapping flesh, I am becoming too big for my pants. All of which will spoiled my fun at the New Year's Eve foam party I am sure :p

So I am back on Herbalife protein drink, along with the fiber tablets. I used to lost 5 Kg. in one month from using these products without any change in my activities. I hope I can achieve the same results. At least this way I will eat more healthy in the morning.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Damn you Youtube

I have just found out that the clip I recently post (a few posts below) has been removed due to copyright violation.

For me, that reasoning seems rather ridiculous. First, whoever post that clip, I think we can all agreed that he/she will not make a dime out of that clip. The only entity who make money is Youtube a.k.a. Google. Second, are those copyrights holders seriously believe that some of those clips will be make public again in the future?? I guess they wants to safe it the for rainy day that may never come.

In the mean time, we the consumer, got screwed from great stuff until they decided it's time to release them in the form of DVDs. I suppose they also completely disregard people outside of their target groups, thinking that it is ok to upset them because they are not their income source.

They probably right, but it still did not change the fact that I hate when this happen.