Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Long rant and my Mule :)

At first I did not realize that there seems to be limit per post and I rant too long about the whole deal. I guess I was hoping that Paul of Bedtime Stories would read and understand the idea of it since he himself said that he is a techno himbo (his words not mine ;)) Anyhow I will just say that all those three software are decent in their own ways and for the moment one should have all three and like I mention already, Scan your machine with them and do the Update Weekly.

Now about my Mule. I suppose many have heard of P2P and KaZaa faisco. For those who do not know what I am talking about, P2P is short for Peer 2 Peer, a type of program that allow people to share the files they have in their machine to other people in the same network. At first this concept were use mainly to share MP3 music files. That's until Napster got sued by RIAA and while Napster went under the concept live on and grow from just sharing MP3 to sharing just about any files.

The Ex-leader of the pack is KaZaa whose company also got sued by RIAA with the same charge. The court process is still pending. With KaZaa getting sue many people switch to another network and software (as do I) to eDonkey/ED2K network and my choice of software is eMule.

You can find many things using this program. Ranging from mp3 to various movies to softwares and games most of which would be define by the law as illegal as its against copyrights laws. But the amount of people who using this program prove that they don't care :p Besides I must assert my point that the stuffs that I had downloaded are not available in my country.

Anyhow you can read the details at eMule's official website. Since this network use upload/download ratio to calculate your rating to be use for cue setting, I would like to recommended that you should have some files to share at first (eMule allowed multiple share folder setup) so you can built up your rating while waiting for your downloads. However, I must warn you guys that in order to completely download most files you need to left your computer and your connection on 24/7. So it is best to use this with broadband connection otherwise your phone bills will be sky high :)


savante said...

Kazaa!? Aasghasgj?

What thingamajig are you talking about :)


Pete said...

KaZaa is the name of an infamous program that allow people to share computer files to other people who use the same program :)

Therefore many people share their mp3s, video files (porn video included), softwares and games).

If you wants more info you can open that link in my post and read the details :)

But to put it in a nutshell. Download and install eMule -> Go through the Wizard setup, once the program is connected to the network you can begin searching for whatever you are looking for :)