Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Vengeful Strawberry Period

The weather is getting a bit cool recently, which is nice, but many places began their Valentine's Day promotion early and it sting me at my soul...

I am still single... Lately it began to look like it is by choice, which is not. Although I have some hope, since the smoking ban has been announce. I would considered going out to night gay places again.

But back to the main subject... This is well before February and yet they began to roll out strawberry products... Darn...

Anyhow... one of my younger brother's friend has stop by and he own PSP. He actually own four, when I ask him about it :P His PSP have 4Gb Memory Stick, a real one at that. I tried it with my phone and it seems to work fine eventhough it just have 500s Mb left. So I guess that's my solution... I will have to cough up more money to get the real deal. **Sigh**

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Longest Yesterday

There is an IT review yesterday and it became a rather long day for me.

When I glance at the guy's name from the email and I thought he must be a white guy but as it turns out he is a Filipino. The guy was quite plesant. He was inquisitive, as to expected from a reviewer. I was afraid of making myself look bad in his eye... But hopefully I came out alright. He knows a lot, as to expected from the regional help desk staff. He offers a lot of suggestions and solutions regarding the computer problem at the office. I felt worn out by the end of the day. And I do not think I would find the sympathetic ears in the office and many of the CR staff usually stay after closing time :P

I slept quite soundly last night and by the time the alarm went off I did not felt like getting up at all... The weather is a bit cool and so perfect for sleeping. But I have things to do...

Today I went back to the shop to replace the Memory Stick again. The shop owner is soooo nice and replace the MS for me again. Right now I am transferring the files to the MS via the USB cable and I have a good feeling about this MS. Right now the files are transferring with countdown time. I think it would work this times... I hope...

Monday, January 21, 2008

An Upsetting Update

The new Memory Stick is busted, AGAIN!! However, I am certain that the real perpetrator is the card reader all along.

Because I have been using the newly claimed MS since afternoon and it working just fine. The problem only shows after I load my stuffs with the card reader...

Now I would have to wait until later in the week to claim it again... I wouldn't dare going again tomorrow... ***Sigh***

Claim and reclaim

I went out early today to claim my Memory Stick and it went smoothly.

Although I arrive earlier than I should, as the shop open at 10:00, I have to kill sometime walking around the area. But once the shop is opened the owner had check the MS and replace it without any animosity. He also added that if it break again, I can come back to claim it again as well.

Since the shop also sell handheld consoles, I have to ask for the price. For DS, with full options and ready to play the ROMs, it cost 7,100 baht. I am still tempted but not as sorely :p

I am also get back to work ontime as well ;)

On another note, I had reclaim my old waistline :D. I am now able to use the last two notch on my belt, as well as buttoned my old jeans again :D.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cell Phone Woe

Or rather, to be more precise, a Memory Stick woe.

On Late Friday night, I finally got around to load new image into my phone (on to the memory stick) and update some of the songs. I use the easy method of removin the MS and stick it into the card reader on my computer. After I am done, I put it back in to the phone. That is when my phone turn wonky.

The phone began to act funny, as the screen blink white twice and the phone try to conenct to the network again. I finally take it to Sony Service shop yesterday. After convincing the staff that the problem must comes from the phone memory not the MS, I reluctantly agreed to have the phone reset and redo the firmware. Which means I will lost all the settings, games, and any info I kept on the phone.

After two hours, I got my phone back. It freeze after I put in the MS... The problem seems to undisputely caused by the Memory Stick... As this is proven after I put in my old MS and the phone works fine.

So this means I paid 350 baht service charge to learn this, plus I lost all of my info and setting on the phone. Hopefully I can have it replace at the shop I bought it from... Although I vaguely remembered that the shopowner have said that it can be replace only on certain conditions... I hope that the sight of my phone freeze can persuade him.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Unusual Morning in Bangkok

This morning, when I walked out of the house, something unusual is happen in Bangkok.

This is the shopping mall near by where I live. It was 8:20 AM. I never saw fog this dense in Bangkok before, Ever. And I live in Bangkok all my life!

The fog was so dense you can barely see the structure far away.

This is my office building, although my office is only on the second floor and not seen in the photo.

This is about the opposite from my office. It used to be a theme park, probably the first one in the country. Now it became... I think a go-cart racing track.

This last one is from with in the office, as I wants to show the last remaining structure from the theme park. I guess you say it's an imitation from Disney's symbolized castle. Now it stand as the last building from the theme park.

The weather, to my surprise, was not cold at all but rather refreshing. I do smell moisture in the air with a hint of smoke somehow... Maybe it just in my head...

The only other times I experience fog like this (although admittedly a lot denser) was when I was in Japan! Please, see the right side for my Japan trip posts :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The New Night Life Order

A guy on my regular webboard has post a news about the new regulation that will start taking affect next month. The new laws will prohibit smoking in pubs, bars, discos, and weekend market!!

Starting from February 17, anybody who caught smoking in pubs, bars, discos, and the weekend market will be fined for 2,000 baht. If those places allow smoking, they will be fined for 20,000 baht as well.

To boil it down, now you cannot smoke in the enclosed area with A/C installed. As for weekend market it belongs to the market and fresh market category and thus included in the smoking ban area.

I LOVE this new extended ban!!. Now I can go to the night places without being suffocated by the smoke. I cannot wait for this new rule to take affects!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

That DS Nagging Feeling

I have been having this urge for quite sometime... The urge to take the plunge and buy myself a Nintendo DS.

There are so many games that I wants to play on DS, and perhaps many mores that I will like but never heard of. I have been longing to play the Nintendogs, Final Fantasy III remake, the upcoming Final Fantasy IV, Animal Crossing, and perhaps many more. The main obstacle, or rather my only sane reasoning that stop me from making the actual purchase, is the fact that I am now commute to work by walking only.

I knew that I would probably be on my computer or watching TV more than playing on the DS. It will not help killing the time during my commute, as I only walk for about 10-15 minutes). And I do not thing it will looks proper if I play it at work :pp

I am still Soooo Tempting though. Especially when there is no proper DS emulator available, even now...

Monday, January 07, 2008

An Enjoyable Meal

I had a great time last night with my friends at Kuroda.

With his time suggestion, I did had time to shower and change before went out to the restaurant. When I arrive at the meeting point, I call him and found out that they were at MajorCineplex near by to escape the pollutoin from the road.

We finally meet and walked to Kuroda. Although I have reserve the table for us, we still have to wait for a while for our table.

Tonight we did not order anything out of ordinary. I do not wants to order any rice or noodle dishes, fearing that it will filled me too quick. So apart from Salmon Sashimi and deep fried squid tentacle, we ended up ordering the same the foods as the last times.

The conversation were almost constant, we talked about our cities, families, travels, etc. I even cop a feel on my friend's leg and crotch a bit too :pp

When we leave I even catch a ride with my friends back to their hotel since it will be cheaper for me to go home via subway.

I even still a bit full from the food this morning :P

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Passing the first weekend of the New Year

The first weekend has passed, without much fanfare.

My new friend had asked me to join him at a disco in Ramkamheng area called iCK. I do not really know where exactly that is but I call had called bus route information hotline, 184 (very useful to remember), for bus route suggestion earlier and I got the bus numbers. When it's time to go, 21:00 already, the buses became scarce. I took one to The Mall, Bang kapi and wait for the second bus. To make the long story short, I got a bit lost and have to take taxi.

The entrance fee was quite cheap, only 20 baht, but no drink coupon. It was typical disco, with mindless fast tempo music, people smoking and so on. And the water cost 25 baht per bottle :p The music change to Hip-Hop style around 23:20 which is nicer but not still not quite what I like. I finally left around 23:35, after having enough of the cigarette smoke.

After waiting for the bus that I could ride to come by, I finally settle for taxi to go back home...

My Aussie friend (the one I mention in my new year post) had sent me SMS saying that he wants to try the Japanese restaurant I told him about, Kuroda, this Sunday. I can't wait to see him again. Eventhough it will be just a dinner date due to time constraint it still nice. My only complain is that I will go after my long day at work.

Oh well... better than nothing I guess.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Second Chill, again

It getting rather chilly here this morning. Quite chilly in fact, that I have to use another bathroom this morning because mine is quite breezy.

I mention this to my colleague, and one of them mention that the the cold front came down from China and it will stay for weeks. She said it make the north and the northeastern region of Thailand really cold. It was so cold that she have to buy jacket there.

It is nice to sleep in this weather. I find that I feel more rested in cold weather. It was cold for about two weeks before New Year. I am interested to see how long this cold will stay.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Year in Reflection

Last year was a real turning point in my life... Thanks to my boss' decision to end my contract, now I have got a day job with another reputable establishment with generous amount of annual leave days. Not to mention a nice amount of severance pay. Although it began in a not so good terms, it ended really really well.

I had a Very Very good time on New Year's Eve, of which I do not wants to blog about in great details as I want to maintain some notion of my innocent here :P I also ran into my friend from Australia, the same one whom I ran into a couple of years ago at the same place mentioned too :P I finally get into his pant this times :P

It was, again, a Very Very Good New Year's Eve for me. Couple with the long weekend from my job and etc., it make me feel lucky to be alive. Which is a refreshing feeling after a tiring feeling compare to the same time last year.

I hope next New Year's Eve will be comparable to this one :)