Monday, December 26, 2005

Back from the date, Empty handed

As I mention in my previous post, the cute guy whom I would dubbed 'CA' as he was born Canadian and now Australian citizen (although no accent... darn... I do like Australian accents too) had SMS me for time and I reply back with time and places to meet which is Pantip Plaza.

I arrive about 10 minutes early and the guy was surprised, saying that he has never seen anyone came early to an appointment in Thailand before - -;;;; Man... what did we Thais coming to... Anyhow... we had lunch and then walk around loking for the right mp3 player for him to buy. Along the way we discuss various thing. I did grab his ass once in a shop but he didn't respond much to that :ppp My hope came crashing down as it turns out that he had just been dumb by his bf as well as the fact that he like the dark skin, short, muscular, North-Eastern Thais look while yours truly is a pale skin (from sleeping till afternoon and go out to work at night) chinese looking guy :PP

But he seems like a decent enough guy who came to BKK often... I will definately tried to keep in touch with him for sure... Who know... perhaps I would be able to get in his pants one day :P

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Changing Time

Today is quite an up and down for me...

My day started when I woke up about four hours too early than I wish with dull throb on the right side of my stomach... Which strangely enough did not ache when I sit up straight. Bothered by it, I play a game on my computer for a couple of hours just to ignore it and finally force myself back to bed so I will have enough time to recover from wake up with less than 5-6 hours of sleep.

I woke up again around 12:40 after a few alarm change :p And was greeted when I check my computer by a friend's bf who was almost in hysterical state as the friend was not on the flight that he was suppose to be... I tried the friend's cell phone number as this guy requested a few times but no one pick up the phone. But since the cell phone was ringing I suppose he was alright.

Then I have to do errand for my mom at the bank and since it's holiday so there were several customers. It took about 20 min of waiting time until it's my turn :p

Then I finally took the bus to my campus (all the while have not eat anything :p) And when I arrive around 14:30 I headed toward the restaurant I mention in previous post. Only to realize that it wasn't there anymore... I was kinda down by this... Not to mention feeling quite starve by then so I just head to one of the new reactionaries that I never saw before and order some food. It was mediocre at best and by the time I was done I was not really in the mood for any game booths... How time had change, so I walked toward to exit and head to a shop that has Chrysanthemum tea. Then I ask the waiter if he knew what happen to the missing restaurant and he told me that it move to a new location near their place instead!!

Wow this perk up my mood nicely and after finish my drink I thanks him and walk straight to the direction he told me. And lo and behold I found it again. The chicken in pandan leaf and Tom yum kung was not as good as it used to be but it could be just this plate... I could not eat the second one since I already ate... But I am a happy camper afterward :)

However, I will not divulge how I spend my evening :p It was rather decadence... But I was able to give out my mobile phone number to a Canadian guy who might call me tomorrow for a Monday appointment to help him by mp3 player. I wondered if I will be able to get him in the sack or not... I wish I could though...

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas to all :D

First off, let me say I am not a Christian but a Bhuddist. However, I have spend most of my academic year in Christian establishment and the festive activities had grown on me.

I had came to a realization some time ago that my Birthday and Christmas are my most important days in the year for me. But Christmas for me is mostly about FUN times, since whenever it's X'mas in my school or university they will have a X'mas fair and I love it :)

This year my university will again held their annual X'mas fair at the Huamark campus which means I would be there :) I like to go back my university because there is a restuarant in the area that serve Chicken fried in pandan leaf and Tom Yum Kung. The only place that one this in set and made Very good chicken+pandan dish.

So Merry Christmas to All :D

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Manga o' Me

I LOVE comic books, which in this case meant Japan comic books aka Manga. Unlike Paul at Bedtime stories, I rarely read any books. I guess for me I find that Manga can be as profound if you allow them to be and that you choose your Manga carefully. Afterall comic are not to be taken too seriously :)

I remembered the first one that I bought (not srue if it's the first one but it's definitely the first I remembered buying). It was one of the weekly issue one with Kano, a lead guy from old sci-fi drama comic: Xenon. And I had read quite a lot ever since.

It can be quite annoying when people think manga are for strictly for kids. Of cause what do They ever know... Comic book industry in japan had grown so much that some comic are made for older demographic as well as for youngers.

My recent fixation is on comics made by CLAMP, a group of four female cartoonists which produce their work in almost every mainstream genre ever since they became professional. Thier trademark can be clearly seen in the artwork and story, both of which are Splendid and thought-provoking and sometimes even profound. For example, One character ask another 'Why we should not kill another human being?' What would be the correct answer to this question without referring to the religion and philosophy?

CLAMP's present work are Tsubasa Resevior Chronicle and XXXHolic. Both of which are unique in their own way as TRC will feature characters from CLAMP's old comics and XXXHolic's main character will play a vital parts in TRC story line. The scanlation of Tsubasa (which is Japanese word for feature :)) can be found at and XXXHolic is at Baka-Updates Manga - Hisa-chan Scanlations

I will put up more post about CLAMP and their latest works later :)

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Second Chill

The cold weather has swept over Bangkok again since about... This passing Wednesday. It was beginning to crept up on me when I reduce the fan from 3 to 1 and now to none.

Plus now I wore T-shirt *gasp* instead of my usual tanktops so that I won't get too cold... Also that I now sleep under two blankets and one quilt to keep warm.

In the weather like this, it is very hard to get out of bed but it is also unbearable when you need to relieve yourself since you woke up with full bladder from not sweating at night...

I should also mention that showering in eather like this is no fun... I have to reduce the water pressure on my warm shower machine to make the shower warm enough to stay under... It is rather breezy in my bathroom so it also chilly when you wet and trying to dry yourself without sneezing :PP

Eventhough I do like to this cold for sleeping... The rest of the day it wasn't as fun... I do like to take shower straight from the tab, woke up and did not felt so parch in my throat...

The waether seems so f*ck up this year...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Luna in my music

So far I have a collection of about 2GB worth of mp3 files on my computer. Just almost every genre from Whitney Houston to Bach, Aretha Franklin to Evanescence and of cause Madonna to Meatloaf :) Except for the mind numbing trance=techno=dance stuffs that they play in Disco nowadays...

Many times I like to listen to something that make me feel crazy with emotions. Evanescence and Meatloaf's ballad usually had that effect on me :) The sound on their songs that I could describe as 'full' that just hit me complete and take me somewhere else. The kind of song that make me wish I have a room with nice set of speakers to sing the song (badly) to it.

Other times I would visualize the songs. The Carpenters's 'Touch Me When We are Dancing' seems to put me in a flowery park in a bright afternoon dancing with a man ^o^. Fourplay's 'After the Dance' put me in a lazy Sunday afternoon swinging to the jazzy sound close to my man as well. And Oddly enough... George Michael's 'Father Figure' made me think of hot sweaty night, naked in bed with a man with blue light shines through the window. (I should mention that I am still single. Any hunky GWM volunteer to help me change that?)

My mp3 player of choice on my computer is Sonique :) The Lovely, Nifty, Cool, mp3 player that was bought my Lycos during the dot com boom and eventually got dismantle by that darn company. Lycos manage to fired all the people working on the Version 2, hired One new guy to work on it. And we got stuck with Beta 3 version that never complete... Therefore I still use the 1.96 version with DFX plugin. For some reason I never really like how Winamp sound...

Here is an image that I found on a forum that I had visited. I like it so I save it and now sharing it with ya All :)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Being Constant

I like to think of myself as being constant. A standstill point in the world if you will. I have read such passage from the very last official chapter of Sherlock Holmes series in which Holmes said to Watson that he is still the same like a unchanging point in the universe. A person who will not be subject to change by time or against his will or perhaps just be able to maintain an email address for over 9 years.

It might be mind boggling to think back when. When I still use internet on unix and open Hotmail with lynx: a text-base web browser *insert your gasp here*. It just that I seems to have less impression on people than I thought I would be... Afterall I have be able to maintain the same email address for close to 10 years and yet some of my older contacts never seems to try to reach me... I suppose they are more occupied than I am with real person unlike your truly :p

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My new gig and Final Fantasy

Well well well... I guess it's official... I have no social life to speak of... Fourth game post coming up as well as another good news of myself.

First, the Good news. I had finally landing myself a new job!! It's nothing fancy or not in the industry that I am interested in but it will be a stepping stone toward what I would rather do. But for now I need to experince..

And for the game post (darn...) My bittorrent of FF IX had just finish a few days ago. I had bought the ROM on DVD before but it was in Japanese. Now I have it in English :DD. I have been a fan of Final Fantasy series for quite sometimes. The series is quite unique in that none of the characters are the same. The stories are usually about saving the world from mad person on a mission to destory it. Each Sequal has a unique system to it which I guess has became a trademark of the series.

Personally I had finish only FF 4 to 8 and now playing 9th one :) The unique point that need to be mention are the 'Job System' presented in FF 3 and 5 (Both of which has never been officially release in English language which seems to be common that there will be on game in each console that has been left behind for some reason) In both FF 3 and 5, you will be able to change the job of your characters to suit the situation :) Each will have special skill that will help make the game progress better.

However, in most of the game there are some 'training' perios in which the characters need to gain some certain points to completely learning spell or abilities. It would be nice if the point gains (usually 1-3) is balance (as in not taking 4-5 hours to complete) with the required points (40 or 50 or sometimes hundreds) But I guess this is RPG game Japanese style for ya...

I will be busy going through FF IX for quite a while... It's a 4 CDs game afterall :)