Sunday, September 04, 2005

MSN Web Messenger

I have heard about this just today and due to a case of restlessness so I would blog about this now.

So the topic of today is MSN Web Messenger or :) I read about it on my webboard. What is it you say? It is a web version of MSN Messenger. However, the difference from the normal version is that it get the connect through http. So it will works in any computer that could open website.

It is perfect for people who:

A) Do not, cannot, or wanted to install MSN Messenger on the particular computer for whatever reasons.

B) They are in the situation with limited internet access ie. in the office (like yours truly, who could only open websites on office's computer)

It does, however, have a bit of limitation such as no file transfer function and no webcam function. But I suppose those are just minor issues while the main functions work perfectly.

I must say that I am surprise that Microsoft do this. Afterall their reputation for only performing *just enough* are wellknown among the tech industry. I recently read an article saying that Microsoft crush their competitors by offering their own version of the product which were not superior than the competitors but only at the same level. This seems to be the reason why they beats Lotus, Netscape, and many others but not Google but that's for another post.

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