Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Current Situation

I must say that I am quite satisfied with my current employment situation.

I have, literally, zero traveling expense, as I walk to the office. The colleagues are quite lovely (All of the Thai staff are women, except for yours truly :P) they do treat me well. I gets to be part of meetings, related to my area of responsibilities. I can offer my opinion, be appreciated for it and it gets implemented. I gets to contact suppliers and requesting price quote. In many ways, these works make me feels... like I am actually having a career. Something that I never felt before.

Other perks, for me at least, is the relatively relaxing lunch hour and the fact that the office is closed to Central Ladrpaw, where I can go to for lunch and buy mangas as it arrived. I Love this arrangement. Not to mention that, for now, the workload is quite light. So light that on someday I have nothing to do at all :p

I am looking forward to working here as well as the prospect of using my employment status to easily get Visa to visit the UK :D

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Brave One and TarePanda

It is the same story of me who has not been to the movie for quite sometimes and feel reluctant to go see a new one. I wanted, or rather... *curious*, to see 'The Brave One' after I saw the trailer and snippet on TV.

You can easily find the synopsis easily online so I will not repeat it here but rather give my thoughts about the movie. Of which I just saw about an hour ago.

The story of movie is something I have been thinking in my mind for quite sometimes. That should I be robbed or mugged, and I have a gun, I will use it without remorse (or so I hope). After all, my possessions are my valuable and it is not theirs to take. If they would violate my rights to my possessions, then they will pay for the it, with their arms, legs or whatever.

It is my believe that the rights of common citizens should trump the rights of criminals.

Anyhow... Before the movie, I walk passed a sales event of bedsheets. My eyes set on a blue bedsheets with Tarepanda's pattern. I asked the saleslady about the price and found that it was not That expensive, with the 50% discount. There was the only one left in the queen size so I buy it :P I will be using it tonight as well ;)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Cooking with Paula Dean

Another one of my finding from browsing on Youtube. This is the clip from Oprah show with guest Paula Dean who is famous for American southern cooking. It is one of the funniest thing I have ever seen. She certainly have great sense of humour :) Check out the clip ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mary Poppins is Coming

I have recently rediscovered my old copy of Mary Poppins book, translated Thai version, and was enjoy it just like the first times I read it.

So far I have only read two Mary Poppins books, Thai version though. However, I realized, just a few days ago that, there are about 8 Mary Poppins books. Three of them are chronological, the rest were events that happen within the second and third books. While I would like to get all of them, only four were available locally. Kinokuniya, the bookstore chain from Japan, sold them at their Siam Paragon branch. Since I have taken a day off tomorrow, I will go to buy them.

They are quite costly, 1,075 Baht in total. But considering that I got four books, it is quite reasonable. Certainly a bit cheaper than the Harry Potter series :P

Monday, September 10, 2007

Caught Up in the Rapture

I was browsing on Youtube recently for Anita Baker and came across this clip for "No One in The World". I was watching her other interview, mentioned about singing a song and going somewhere else and came back when the song end. I guess this is one of the the moment that she mention. I personally think this is one of the best live performance I have seen.

I love the way she seems to pull herself into singing mode after being emotionally affected by the crowd. I love how she goes from smiling widely, covered her face in her hands and goes to her songtress mode and belt out the song :).

I found this one just now I think you guys will like it too ;)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Kuroda Experience

Yesterday I finally have the time to go back to the Japanese restaurant from last year for their great buffet package. The price is 399 baht per person and you can order anything from the menu :D

I arranged to meet with an old friend of mine and his bf. He wants to meet at 18:00 instead of 17:00 that I propose. He ended up coming about half an hour late... Of cause I was not happy. At first I decided that if he does not show up, nor call me, by 18:30 I would leave. He call at about 18:15 to say that he would be late. He later explained that he was watching a movie in the theater and it was running late (Although, in my opinion, he should Know how long the movie is going to be... Have he not see when the next round would be??) I was too hungry to make any scene, since I only have a slice of watermelon and a bit of ice-cream that day, not to mention that he was with his bf.

It was quite late by the time we get there and place was packed! Literally no available seats but luckily we do not have to wait long for a table.

The food was good as usual, although they arrive rather infrequently, I guess because it was full of customers. By the time they order ice cream, I was about maybe 1/4 full...

I think I will return there later to really have ful-FILLED experience. I have no complain about the foods, they were great, only that it was quite slow...

I am still not satisfied.