Thursday, September 08, 2005

Carb + Fat = Flavours

Why do we human seem to have weakness for that combination? You would find that the formula can be apply on wide variety of foods whether it's appitizers, main dishes, or desserts. I suppose it could be easily to explain since we all survive on consuming both Carb. and Fat for our energy therefore we were programmed to like the flavours of them. The food industry certainly use and even abuse the formula into making billions dollars business, think carb. + fat + salt!!

I began to have this urge to visit Daidomon again... I would probably do so next week :dd

A sidenote for one of my friend in NY whom I put up a link to his business on my sidebar. I have receive a self-portrait from one of my friend which I would like to share it with you. But first, I wants to know if you have read my blog or not. Please post your comment for this post as acknowledgement and I will email you the picture ;) I can guaranteed it will be worth it...


savante said...

I do read your blog - and post here too :) Does that mean I get the risque photo shots?


Pete said...

Ummm.... well sorry Paul I have to turn down your request... It's sort of... a kind of reminder sort of photo :P So far he has not send words to me yet.

However, I have to thank you for :) As well as my link on to your page :) My main traffic today were referred from yours and the reason that I know that is because of :)

Perhaps some computer lessons from me instead of the pic? :) I can do consult via email ;)