Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Fortune Teller: Me ^o^

As I was adding links and editing my sidebar (as you would notice.) Adding this particular site remind of my highschool times when I was a Tarot reader :)

It all began from a program that I saw on TV about the local famous tarot reader who has publish a guidebook of how to do tarot reading (the book went on to became the most reprints book I ever saw, 35 times when I saw it last.) I was intrigue by it and eventually buy that book and memorize the meaning of the cards in a week or so. And then came the read practise.

My classmates (I used this terms because although I am friendly with them I am not by anymeans very close) were kind enough to let me practise on them. After awhile it is been know among my class and several others that I will carried a deck of tarot cards in my backpack and would be hapy to do the fortune telling when times permit.

Two interesting read that I still remembers were the lovers compatibility test that I had seen from TV. By having the lovers shuffle the cards, split the deck once by each of them. Then each will select five cards one at a times to be pairing with each other (5 cards on top of 5 cards). If there are a lot of minor cards matching each other it would means that the lovers were a good match, unless it's the sword cards which means the lovers were not a good match. I had ask 2 couples to try this. Couple A: Been couple for quite a long time and it seems that they would be those highschool sweetheart that if they can survive university together they would get married. And Couple B: At that time they alraedy split but agreed to do the test as a favor to me. And the results?

Couple A: Each have a few (if I am not mistaken) wand cards, which means hardworkers, and the interesting part is that the girl have King of Wand while the boy have Queen of Wand. When I mention this to a few friends they agreed that the girl is more of the alpha Female of the relationship while the boy is more docile and quite content on the backseat :)

Couple B: Each for a few sword cards and I think it match on a couple of pair and of coz since they already split ups this is not a surprise.

I tried to continue doing tarot reading in university but it did not last long. Mainly because I got different people in each class and I might seems as a weirdo if I offer to do tarot reading with them often...

But that still did not stop me from getting inspired when I saw wonderous tarot card designs though ;) Again check out this site :) And no I did not know the artist nor I am the artist myself :PP If I could paint that well I would not be a homebodyfor sure...


savante said...

Tarot cards! I love it! When do I get a free reading?


Pete said...

As soon as u are able to track me down ;)

But I would need a new deck though... Although the unfinished deck on the site in my post is Very Cool. It will took a very long time before the artist would finish the whole deck since it's her own personal project and so far she only finished... I think 23 out of 78 cards :P