Friday, January 30, 2009

Food Reflection II: Green Dream

Lately I have been accustom to eating more vegetables. Not just the simply white radish soup that was usually the only thing I would eat but I gradually added watercress and *gasp* brocolli to the mix.

I am sure that my younger self would be aghast by this fact if he saw the kind of vegetable I did ate now. I have been eating, not just carrot and cabbage, but brocolli, basil, bamboo shot, and bell pepper.

I still remembered how my mom told me that her younger sister used to not eat a lot of vegetable when she was younger and how she now eat vegetables a lot more. I never thought that that would happen to me. The fact that now it did happen, boggled my mind a fair bit.

It is better for my health I am sure so I am not complaining. I am also sure that I will not began eating salad anytime soon :p

Friday, January 23, 2009

Finalized Price

The price of the mobile phone that I am planning to buy, Nokia 5800 XPreessMusic, finally been released. The initial price will be 13,520 baht.

This should means that it might goes a bit lower at unofficial shops. Hopefully the price will drop a bit more in May, since that's when I planne to buy this phone.

The price came from Nokia's official website so it is the official price release. I cna't open that exact page yet... Perhaps I have to open it from home.

Anyhow, I am happy that it is this price. It is moderately price and I am sure that many people will be happy :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Slightly Random Rambling

Another weather post, I hope no one is bored with this yet, but then not many people is reading this.

The weather seems to warm up quite a bit. At least when the night is still young. The bad is that it can gets really cold in the morning. Which means I have to be careful to use the quilt and blanket as well as wearing appropriate shirt to make sure I will not get sick.

Chinese New Year is coming up and my family plans another gathering. The venue is still being decided, not sure where yet.

I am quite bad at keeping myself occupied during the weekend... Next week should be better though, since I will have the evening plan (the family gathering) and perhaps also going out on Friday night. Something that I haven't done in a long time. Especially now that I work Saturday morning. Which means that I will use Chinese New Year as my reason for using my leave day on Saturday.

I seems to watch less TV now. I used to be a big SitCom fan but now that many of the SitCom I was a fan of has either finish or cancel. Even the one hours drama show began to finish off... I seems to watch them more on my computer now.

Which seems more the reason to buy new monitor, the 24" one :P The new monitor would not quite fit on my current table though... Include that to the new mobile phone I am planning to buy, the whole thing will be around 25,000 baht. It seems crazy that I am also plan to go to Prague and Amsterdam including all of this. However, it will not be soon that I will buy the 24", at least not until the price drop below 9,000 baht, hopefully.

Well this is quite a long rambling. I guess I will publish it for now.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not as Cold a Snap I Thought It Was

I finally got my thermometer and what it shows surprise me a great deal.

It was actually just 23-24C in my room!! And of all these time I thought it was like 20C!! Perhaps it was because of the cold iminated from the tile floor of my room that make me feel colder than it was.

This morning though, it was really cold, like 20-21C cold. I did not venture into the bathroom to shower until it was pass 7am.

I wore my undershirt today and seriously considered buying another modal t-shirt with long sleeves this times. But I do not wanna pay full price. Although, they are doing 2 pieces get 15% discount, I would rather buy it at 30% or 50% discount...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Snap

It is still cold in Bangkok, in Thailand even...

As I mention in previous post, I added a piece of my old shreded blanket to bed. I wrapped it around my torso and neck to add another layer of protection as well as to have a sort of scarf for my neck. It seems to work quite well as the sharp pain in my throat was gone when I woke up this morning.

I finally got a thermometer from my mom. It has magnet in the back so I could stick it on my computer case. Or perhaps I will just put it somewhere... Otherwise it might pickup the temperature from the computer case, instead of the environment.

Now I will be able to see how cold it is in my room.

I can't wait for my weekend... I am hardly motivated to get out of bed in such weather...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Chilly Weather

Even though we are moving into second week, wait... We are already in the second week of January!! The weather still has no return to the warm tropical that is usual of Bangkok. Instead we have a cold front that felt like London, even a bit colder than in London's summer!!

The weather forecast widget that I use in my Yahoo page say that Bangkok is 17C in temperature! My room is rather drafty and with tiled floor it can get quite cold. Last night I wore two t-shirt and turn off the fan. I wore a long sleeves one over the modal one that I have been wearing almost nightly since around Christmas. I seriously thinking about buying a long sleeves modal t-shirt but I think I will wait until it is on sale.

I also considered buying a thermometer so I can see how cold it really is in my room. Right now it just chilly and I do not know exactly how cold it is...

Shower time is not fun. It was too cold even for my new warm shower machine. Although I would say that the new shower head helps quite a bit. However, sleeping is quite comfortable though...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Template Options

Or rather the lack of options that is...

While I like blogger for it's ease of use and that the blogs that I read are also on blogger. The choice of templates are just pitiful. It seems that there were any additional template ever since I join, or simply a few that just add variations to the existing ones.

I have search for the right third party templates, found a few that I like, decided which one I would use (a three columns type). I still have no installing it.

Since, in doing so, I will lost my sidebars. In the old template style I can simply copy the sidebars part in the html code and paste it in the new one. However, in this new template style, everything are in more complex code. I did figured out how to save the sidebars code, even if just to be my references of what I current have.

I also asked a favour of friend who has a web design company to help change the colour of the template that I choose to be more to my liking. He still haven't got back to me on that... I understand that he is busy with his *paying* jobs.

I figured now that it is new year, I will finally install the template. Although now that I am browsing for the template again. I wants to have a 3 columns template with blue and dark colour style.

I still kinda beat after the New Year's Eve plan. I am still have not kick the sore throat yet. I will be working for two days and then it will be my weekends again. I will install it during that time.