Sunday, January 29, 2006

Family Reunion: The Aftermath

It was by far the shortest one of our reunion that I could remember. I think the main two reasons that contribute to this are that my grandpa did not came up from Phuket to attend this reunion and the Korean TV series that has been a hit recently.

Quite a few sibilings mention how I should be giving out the red envolope now considering my age... I think I will have to gave in next year... Gosh... how time fly...

I did get some money :) I will do the deposit tomorrow.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Blogging Bug Bit Nordic

In my old post, I lamented of how it seems impossible to ask my non-blog friend to look at my blog. And now out of the blue Nordic is now also a Blogger!!

I just found out about this last night... He just mention it in the email. Anyhow he did setup a nice blog with unique template... I wondered where he get a hold of that...

Anyhow his blog is about the life of GWM = Gay White Man in Bangkok and can be read at

PS: The picture in the profile isn't really him :ppp

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another Chinese New Year post

As one of the numerous chinese decendant who do blogging I guess I am bounded to do a Chinese new year post.

I don't know how other families celebrate their chinese new year. In my family, we will arrange a reunion, usually at one of my aunt's house which has the space to accomodate all the people (my mom has 4 sisters and each with their husband and 3-4 kids.)

Now I have a dilemma... I am getting to the age where I should stop *receiveing* the red envelope and start *giving* them out. But I am still trying to make ends meet, albeit not that much of struggling since I still live with my mom. The idea of handling out 16 red envelopes is quite a nightmarish thought considering I am quite a cheapo when it comes to spending money on other people (the curse of single gay men who only have themselves to spend money on :p.)

In time (most likely next year)... I will have to bite the bullet and began handing out the envelopes with money in it!! **Shudder**

Monday, January 23, 2006

Windows shopping at IT Mall

Not buying any Windows software if that's what you are thinking :) Only walking around scouting out the price of 17" LCD Monitor which I would be desperately need in the near future...

The output of my current trusty CRT monitor began to flicker wildly. To be honest I can get it fix but I had enough to lugging around the heavy and bulky 17" CRT monitor... Daddy want a cool flat screen 17" LCD monitor this times!!

However... For gaming purpose, the monitor has to be choosing more carefully so that it can display the movement of the game correctly. Not that I play a lot of Firt-Person shooting game... Come to think of it, I don't play that genre of game at all now... since it would surely give me headache after a while... Still I do want a decent performance monitor at the price that I like...

I want to spend around 9,000 baht only... But the nice one seems to be more close to 10,000 baht... Oh... well... I am holding out as much as possible by bare with the sometime flickering monitor... If one day the monitor just snap out or flicker contineously... That is possibly be the day that I actually cough up and pay the price...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Colin's Cat out of The Sack

Some of you might have heard the news of Colin Farrell's ex girlfriend wants to distribute their *homemovie* that they made when they are still together a few years back. And that Colin had sued to the stop the distribution.

Despite his efforts, the movie file is out and about in BitTorrent network since probably a few days ago, much to the delight of gay men all over (and straight women too I suppose :P)

I had downloaded the movie this morning: thousand of people were seeding the file while a few hundred more peering it, the whole movie, 103.67Mb in size, finish within an hour and a half ^^

Now there is no way to stop the movie from being seen by people with computer all over the world (and I expected that some witty merchant will put the movie on VCD soon.) I had watch it, the movie is only about 13min long, and Mr. Farrell is also quite long himself too :PP He is most certainly packing and not to mention cursing like a sailor.

Too bad that the movie is too short and no *money shot* :PP If you guys have questions of how to obtain the file, leave comment and I will point you to where you can it ;)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Good things cum in Three

I was browsing my regular gay webboard and someone has post some pictures of a Triplet. A set of Hunky Handsome Winsome Smile TRIPLET!!!! Talk about a wet dream came true. Like Paul had put it in his stories, God must be having a Extra triple great mood on the day these guys were conceived :p

I only know their last name 'Karshner' I suppose you always use google to find out more about them. In the means times check out their winsome smiles :)).

Friday, January 13, 2006

I Got Canned...

I got a job interview today... It did not look too well... But hopefully I would get teh help desk job instead...

Oh... and the new office's manager call earlier to tell me that she talked with her boss and she said that she did not think that my working two job would work since I seems very tired when I show up for work.

In a way she was right. Although the timing could not has been worst, since the coworker has gone for the week and left me working in the worst condition.

I suppose it probably for the best. Now things went back to normal...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Survived

I seriously thought I would reach a breaking point today when I post about how I felt about the whole scenario in previous post.

Strangely enough I seems to only have about two hours of sleep after I went home from my night job. I toss and turn for about an hour or so before fall sleep possibly after 3:00 only to awaken by my mom at 5:05 since she would drive me to the day job after sending my sister to school...

The strange part is that I did not felt sleep deprive when I woke up this morning. It is almost like something right happen before and when I woke up that made me felt wide awake and not so sleepy. I was yawning madly after 13:00 but I do felt quite alright in the morning indeed.

I told my mom about how I felt like quitting the new job. First she did the old 'I told you so' routine about she already me marketing is not my kind of work and how the office is not very convenience to reach. And then when we were in the car she sid to see how today goes first before actually told them I quit.

I got some work done by giving idea of how to improve the company website. It did feels good to my brain to work on something more productive after a few days of ditch out vague marketing idea of hwo to increase our customers.

So I did get through today quite alright although I left the office early to catch some sleep before heading to my night job, again, for the fourth night tonight darn my co-worker who has to go back home in Southern TH this week T^T.

Tomorrow however, I have another job interview and I hope and wish that I could landed this one for two obvious reasons.
1) I can travel to this office by subway which would means I have more time to sleep if I would keep my old job
2) It is a software company which would be interesting for me. And my current experince wokring in IT should help me also.

SO people please wish me the best luck tomorrow ^O^

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Change of Heart

I was relatively excited about the new job before (it was the first place that would have me after 3 years of looking for new job on and off.)

Due to several factors, things did not go quite well at the new office (at least in my head)... The other people in the marketing section are nice, but work vice... The place is pretty small and their marketing has just began to play bigger parts not so much long ago, so although there are certainly a lot of things that need to be done I just have no idea where to start...

My role there is clear on what I need to do I just don't know where to begins... I know it sounds like a whine but it is how I felt sitting in the office knowing that I should be doing something useful and yet unsure on what I should do. It left me feeling rahter uncomfortable as I spend most of my time on the net reading my usual stuffs without being productive.

I certainly felt rather low spirited right now possibly due to my lack of sleep or at least from the change of adding a day job into it. Moreover, the new job is not quite in my area of interest. It might be an exhaustion talking but I had been thinking about quitting this new job... My mom had said recently that I did not strike her as a marketing type :pp Plus since this job will be paying slightly less than the old one it would certainly paid out less due to the travelling expense as well as meal cost. I guess there is nothing like a motherly support eh?? But perhaps she is right, afterall she is a great woman. Besides I am not feeling overall happy during my time there eventhough it has been just three days.

I never thought I would miss my old office when I am in the new one... But I guess it would be ahrd press for me to leave my old office... Afterall I do work in large corperation with nice office and facilities...

Perhaps I will talk with my mom tomorrow morning about quitting...

Darn... quitting after just less than a week... Must be a new record.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Tired as Hell...

Let's me start with a cryptic phrase here and I won't elaborate about it. Anti-allergy drug made me sleepy and It's great during the weekend!!

Today I started my new career path as a marketing officer at a small hostel that is a member of worldwide hostel organization. I arrived 2 hours early, before anybody else in the marketing section arrived. My mom wanna see the new office so she drive me there and it's not too far from my sister's school too.

My first day was rather boring... Those that has works to do and off doing their own things and left me to my own device... A new guy with no idea how to be productive despite that the manager do have some idea of having me work international market (due to my good English ;P) as well as web marketing (with my daily net use)...

I guess I did not expected that my first day would be like this... Added to that is the fact that I still have my old job to do as well. Plus my college have to go home in the south for his New year's celebration. So this will left me with very minimal sleep (18:00-20:00 and 2:00-6:00)and not much to do...

The whole deal made me feel discouraging about the new job... The job wasn't really in my area of interest and I though I had dealt with that but it seems to not be the case when I sit around in the new place with nothing to do...

I guess the agenda of tomorrow is to be more assertive (as much as I could in my groggy state) and map out what I need to do in the new job as much and as soon as possible.

Friday, January 06, 2006

My New Love.

Several months ago I had posted about buying a new mobile phone. So far that has not happened yet... As the model I was aiming for Sony Ericsson w800i seems to be quite popular. So popular in fact, that the price as not drop one bit from the released price... And that's the reason why I am still using my old Nokia 3300 :PP

But tonight I found a details of a new mobile from Sony Ericsson, Sony Ericsson w810i (the link is from a Thai mobile phone website since I couldn't find other preview pages.) I had a muffled scream in my head because... well you just gotta click and see the image :).

It's essentially a slightly improved version of w800i with black colored body and may have better speakers. However, this one has no protective cap over the camera lens for some reason...

I have never really like the color of w800i but now that this w810i will came out in the first quarter of this year I will definately getting this one :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Amazing Amazon

I hardly use ... I have never thought of it as a music search engine but lo and behold... I finally able to get the name of the singer and of the song of the obscure songs that I had on my cassette tape.

In my younger years (gosh I never thought I would ever utter these words) Long Long before mp3 player became a hit. I used to love listen to radio for my music fix which mostly are pop, adult contemporary and R&B. One day I came up with an idea that I should record the songs that I like so I can play it to record store to track down the album. That never happen after I realize that I could just listen to my recordings instead of buyin the real thing :PP

Thus, over the years I had filled up several 90 minutes recording cassette with various songs of various genre most of which I knwo the songs quite well but several are the songs that I have heard only once or twice ever...

Mica Paris - Whisper a Prayer & Jessica Rush - In The Arms of Love are the two that I was able to identified (first is from the DJ saying her name while the second one from a guy I played the song to and he just tell me right off the bat :))

And tonight I just made two more hits using Woo hoo!! The hits tonight are Laurnea - Infatuation and Mary Griffin - Just no other way. I only found Laurnea's album available to get... Mary Griffin seems to be another talented black female vocalist that for some unknow reason, never made it big...

From the sample available on it's clearly that she have the talent and the looks. Just one of the mystery of show biz I guess...

Monday, January 02, 2006

The Little Creature

Just a short post that I intended to do a while ago

This is "Little Creature" By Ursula Vernon a short comic with lovely story and very cute image :)

The lady is an artist, although I did not know her personally I love her works ever since I saw them on

Here is the link to her gallery

And check out her blog too :) Her antics is Very amusing

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Blasted Time :D

Well well well... This New Year's eve seems quite magical indeed... Not only Paul of Bedtime Story get a lil' somethin' some some (no wondered why the man has been quiet for a few days :P) but I did too :dd

My day started earlier than I thought it would... Due to the mix up of informing my college to come in early when he was groggy and instead understood that *I* would be going in at that time instead... Needless to say, the office all and I have haul my ass off from bed, shower, get dress and hop on the first bus to arrive at the office within 20 minutes (luckily my office is close to my home ...)

The works went along quite smoothly today... which allow me to ran out from the place around 19:00. After an hour of transportation, My Big Thank you to the Subway, I finally arrived at the... well let just say that it's the same decadence place I mention in my X'Mas post. However, when I arrive there were quite a number of people standing and sitting around in front of the entrance. As it turns out the place was full and we need to wait till some people leave so the waiting people can get in. While waiting at the que I notice a handsome blonde with big shoulders sitting. After a chair next to his was emptied I took the place and began to chat him up. The man has nice voice and I manage to get an email address from the guy but not before I tell him that with his look it would not be hard to get laid and that I would pull him into a room and do him myself *blush*. My shame seems to had take a break by that time as I feel a bit sleepy and hungry :pp

Then I went into and after a while saw CA again. And this times I was succeeded in getting in to his pants with my lovely behind :ppp

I was also ran into another Australian friend whom I had only seen online as well. Talk about small world or rather small gay world :p Too bad that he came with his bf otherwise I might tried to get into his pants as well :PP

All in all it was a triumph night. I manage to get laid, an email address from a handsome stranger and ran into a friend whom I wanted to see albeit his bf :pp

This is a Lovely New Year's Eve Indeed!! ^_^