Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How to rid your computer of Adware (read Scumware)

Adwares and Spywares (read Scumwares) are becoming more and more daring and downright agony in many cases. I could only assumed that 99% of the politicians all over the globe are just too old and too caught up in their own agenda to care about this issue which becoming more and more threatening.

Why are these wares a problem? Because these adwares and spywares will use the Limited Resources (most notably part is RAM which is more demanding in newer OS) in Your computer for their own gains. Some will track your surfing habits, some will altered your configuration so that you have to see their websites more often, some will pelt you with advertising pop-ups every 3 seconds, and some will even trick you into making international call for porn (in the case of dial-up connection.) To make the matter worst, when you have these junks littered in your system it will slow down your computer since many will keep themselves running in the background. Not to mention your internet speed that will also be tampered with the traffics to their scummy search sites and ads.

Now as I already mentioned, things have became so bad, that just one adware removal software is no longer enough!! You should have at least two or three just in case since these products seems to target different sort of adwares and spywares. I would recommend these three softwares that is a must in your internet computer (especially those with broadband connection):

A) Spyware Doctor

B) Ad-Aware

C) SpyBot Search & Destroy

Each should be run and updated weekly. They are all good and I have used all three.

It is quite a wondered to think that these scumwares became more like virus rather than simple pesky adwares that could be easily removed. Have most of us net denizens became such ignorants to this issues that it became this out of control?


pure T.O.N.E. said...

try xoft spy.. with this one you can replace all others.. works for me.. good luck..

Pete said...

I will check it out Thanks man :)

Pete said...

I tried Xoft Spy today and realize that it's not a shareware but rather a demo.

The program will not remove what it found until you registered (pay) them.

I guess they must be pretty confident with the product to charge it eventhough there are 3 other free programmes that could do just the same