Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's Good to be BAD

Of all the strategy games that has good side and evil side. 98% of those will have you play the good side, 1% will let you pick side and the other 1% will have you play the evil side :)

One of the most well-known title of the last 1% is Dungeon Keeper series. You will play as a dungeon master out to conquer the world and defeat all the good guys that dare stand in your way :) I must say that I love the torture room the most since it allow you to convert the captured unit to your side (insert evil laugh here)

Anyhow, not many later developers seem to be interested in letting you play the bad guys until Sick Puppies Inc. came along with Ghost Master.

In this game you will be playing as a civil servant type in the afterlife and you have been given a mission to terrorise the populations of Gravenville :) You will command a pack of ghosts or Haunters as they were called in this game. The locations included Sorority house (where else :p), Frat house, and police stations just to name a few. In each mission, there will be ghost trapped there and will be required to fulfill certain objectives to free them and became one of your haunters. The level of difficulty are ranging from medium to downright maddening... Since the faster you can complete the mission, the more gold phalsm you will gain for training your haunters new scare technique :)

The demo is also available at the official sites. So try it if you like to play bad guys for a change :) You might realize something hidden tendencies *evil laugh*


savante said...

Ooh, did you ever play one of my favourite games.. Laura Bow?


Pete said...

Nope ; I saw a screenshot of the game on some sites and it looks too dated for me (at least with the first one) However, here is the link to download your fav. game :)

savante said...

Too dated! God, I feel old :)
Nah, I'm talking about the 2nd one. Itw as real romantic and I loved the kitsch.


Pete said...

I will check out the link and download it then :) I think I saw the screenshot of the first Laura Bow on a french website when I was looking to download Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis.

Have you check out the site yet? :) We are actually of the same age :p But I think I might get into computer later than you are

executorlouis said...

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is way cool. The first game i ever played and i loved adventure games since then. Pity Lucasarts don't make such games anymore. =)