Wednesday, September 27, 2006

O Mare e Tu

It means 'The Sea and Me' in Italian, in case any of you wondered :)

I first saw this MV on cable several years back and it captivated me ever since. Back then I still visit record store from time to time and with the opening of Tower records in BKK. I went there on occasion since they have seperate classical music section.

At first, I did not quite catch the name of the song, but thanks to the sample stations in Tower Record. I was able to get the name of the song and acquire it later :P And the song has been stable on my mp3 players afterward ;)

Andrea Bocelli voice is very captivating in this song. Some might say he sounds better in Opera songs but I am not into that, so this one is more appealing to me :) This song made me wish for a decent store system with human size speakers so I could close my eyes and *listen* to the song with my whole body...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Wet Pants

I woke up today to the sound of rain (alright by the sound of the alarm set on my w810i :p). It was raining pretty hard but I think nothing of it, it is the rainy season here after all.

By the time I left the house the rain has almost stop so I did not bring my umbrella with me. However, when I finish my meal in Central Ladpraw department store around 19:00 it still raining and quite heavier than when I left my house. The water has gone over the road into the pavement and of cause the stalemate traffic.

It is never fun when it's rain in the early afternoon when I have to get to work. This times it is downright offensive that I have to get off the bus two stops early because I was already late for work. The most annoying part is that I have to walk through the rain and the flooded water (brownish and with garbage) to finally reach my office.

Imagine my surprise that I was the first one to arrive at the office :ppp

Monday, September 25, 2006

By Friday

I know it's a bit late but here is the picture I took with my w810i, near my home on my way to work on Friday (2 days after the coup)

The usual traffic jams of BKK

As you can see the traffic had went back to normal, which means most people did not seems to be overly concern or panic by the coup. Everything seems peaceful thus far, although the news said that the soldiers were exhausted by the overwhelming people who went to see them. They said that some of the men have to carried hundreds of children to take photograph with and many appear to be exhausted.

On the front page of one of the local newspaper, therei s a wedding photo of a newly wed in Chaing Mai with the backdrop being a tank and a soldier on top of it. I guess this is 'The One and Only' that could only happen in Thailand :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Peaceful Coup

So far the coup has been a very peaceful events. After browsing through several sites I found these links that I would like to share to you guys :) (In this one, it looks almost like Children's Day in Thailand when the military will open their forts for children to see their machines and equipments)

It does not matter if you cannot read Thai, the photos tell all ;) Many posters comments how foreign press paint a rather terrifing image of the events while in fact, it seems that everything will be back to almost normal by tomorrow.

Some people still caution about how the coup will played out, many still remember what happen last times, although the atmosphere of this times is quite different.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Day After

In case any of you readers has no TV :p, click here to find out what happen yesterday.

So far things are calm and placid, almost everything are running like usual like phone, internet, public transportation and later TV. Except for government works, schools and banks. Even my office is close today, but not my section :p I wondered if I can charge my work tonight with public holiday O.T. ...

As per Torn's concern :)) Both my house and my office are far away from the hotspots so I am not in harms way. Plus there was no news of any violent occurance so far, so everything seems to be in order.

Rumour has it that the now ex-PM has planned a coup, so this current coup is to countered the ex-PM's plan. As the ex-PM has made an urgent announcement from US yesterday on local channel 9 to depost the Royal Thai Army commander-in-cheif who is also the leader of this coup just before the coup happens.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Coup in BKK

Nope I am not joking, as you can probably see on CNN and BBC and probably all over the world news mediums now. There is a Military Coup happening right now in BKK.

The ridiculous part (or not when you think of the nature of the coup) is that I actually first know that this is happen now is from Kitjar who told me that it is happen at and told me turn on the local TV channel 9. I did and saw nothing on there except some video with the 'I love the King' theme on most of the channel, so at least I know something is happen alright. Then I turn on CNN and it was the big news break.

In my opinion this is rather stupid... Military Coup in this days and ages will not help the country's image as much as hurting it. Begins with tourism, economy and a whole lot more... Not to mention people who have to travel...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Parted Pathway

I seems to almost reach a turning point in my life...

I can see that... not very far in the future I would have to choose whether I will stay in my comfort zone (albeit, some adjustment career wise) or move far away for a chance of make a living in another area. I am sorry for being vague about all this but nothing is certain at this point and I don't want to speak of things before hands (and besides you never know who is reading this despite the lack of popularity of my blog :P).

I guess I should mention that I still live with my mom. In a way my situation might be close to that movie 'Failure to Launch' in that I have not given much thought regarding moving out to live on my own. There are benefits of living with your family of cause and I have not earn enough money to considered moving out also to added that my mom still find me useful with grocery shopping and being buffer between her and my younger brother :PP.

Therefore the prospect of moving far away to study for a Nurse degree can be quite scary for me. I suppose it is all came down to the fact, that despite being a Buddhist, I am very attach to my belongings. I guess in the end, just one suitcase won't be enough considering how long I will be away.

I know that I have to do something soon, before I get out of my mind with my current work hours. But I am not certain whether I will like being a nurse or not although I know that if I be one, it would be easy for me to move easily to any country I wants and find a job (nurse are always in needs right?). And if you were wondering why I did not doing a nurse degree in BKK, since it would be cheaper and I won't have to move. Well, due to my current work schedule which is 3 working nights and 3 off nights, it just impossible to fit any other regular program into it. Plus I don't trust myself with science classes, especially chemistry...

If I move away, I will be staying with MD in his apartment and I am counting on him to help tutoring me on some of the subjects as well. Not to mention it is the chance for me to tried to live on my own, as I should do sooner than later...

As well as the chance to find myself a man :P Since I only fancy GWMs, it is tough to find a decent, single gay man with the looks like Torn in BKK. In a way, it is a numbers game but the odds will be better when I move that's for sure...

I still have my doubts but I still also have time to ponder on the choices. Although I think I know what I choose to do...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thank you, Tornwordo :)

I notice a few days ago that Tornwordo of the famous Stickycrows Blog had added a link to my blog on his list ^O^

I had been visiting his blog almost daily ever since Scotty mention Stickycrows Blog. Not to mention how I like Torn's looks :ppp The man is quite my type... hehe

Too bad by the time I check out his blog he seems to stop participating in Half-Naked Thursday.. (darn it) :P

Anyhow I would like say I felt honoured to to have be linked to your blog :)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Office Fixing

Sometimes it makes me wondered, how could something that seems so obvious has not been dealt with at a more proper times.

Such as what happen in my office right now... The room that I work in also has a security guard section within the room which has been closed off from the rest of the section. The room is quite cramped and not of a lot of air circulation, so they decided to have the room expanded. What's wrong with this picture then?? The room has been use for about a month before we moved in and we been moved in for like a month now... So the expansion were commence while I am in the room as well!! All of this would not annoyed me all that much has it not been to the fact that it happen on the spot where my desk is (or rather Was!)

What strikes me as rahter unusual is that why the architect who draw up the blueprint could not see that the room is not quite fit for human condition?? And even so that they have to do this construction while the room is in use.

Is this a common practice for big company? To repeatedly rebuilding the office floor, instead of perhaps listening to the people who would be using that room and make it according to their job and preference and rather be done with it in the first two tries??

Is this not a common sense?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It's The Heat...

It's been strangely blazing hot in BKK for several days now. It is utterly indescribale how difficult it is for me to fall asleep in this condition on top of my usual restless state . Especially after I came back from work in the morning.

It was HOT HOT HOT and I mean BKK Summer time like heat. My room is next to the main road so it is definately noisy. The light coming into my room rouse my disdain as if I am vampire. Good thing I ask my mom for an unused banner, now I hang it on my windows to block the light and it definately an improvement for me to sustain my sanity. From all things considered... I think I might skip CSI: Miami tonight for, hopefully what would be, 16 hours of sleep before my working 4 nights in row.

I hope the weather would improve by then...

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Good and The Bad

I just got back from the Dentist and here the the verdict.

The Good? I got no cavities, and the health of my teeth and gum in general are quite good although the dentist said I should do flossing.

The Bad? Since I got no cavities, the dentist think the culprit might be my wisdom tooth. The X-ray shows that I have a big wisdom tooth horizontally nudging against the last tooth on the lower right side. So she recommend to have it taking care of, which means the minor surgery to take out the tooth.

Needless to say I am quite disturb by the news. Although it's not the first times I have been told that I need to take care of this. I sort of... well... I have been avoided to do anythink about this... It's going be relatively major for me, since it will be the first times I ever get cut open.

But the thing is... If I wait too long to do this and if I need to take care of it when I get older, it's going to be harder to recuperate and all...

So I think my solution would be, to see if the sensitivities still happens after a few more days. Then I will decided whats to do... I will be taking some days off from work afterward if I do it. Since I don't think I will be in the mood for work during the recuperating period.

To the Torture Chamber

Well... another exaggeration, but it's not far from the truth which is I need to go to see Dentist.

One of my tooth became sensitive when I drink cold water, which is a good indicator that the trip to dentist is imminent. I used to go to the Dentist clinic that belongs to a friend of my mom (at least that what I think it is) but they are quite expensive. Although it seems that the quality fit the price. So I am going to another clinic that my younger brother went to and said that they are not so expensive and the quality is not too bad. He went to see them once and need to have 20 fillings and they charge him lumsum for 3,000 baht, which is considerably cheap.

I will post what happen at the dentist tomorrow :)