Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 1 Wednesday & Thursday - Flight to Europe

I chose to work half day because my flight is at 23:25. This way I will have more leave time.

But, as things turn out, I should have just take whole day off because I find myself rushing to do things that needs to be done before the trip. My mom is taking me to the airport again. In the car she is pushing the idea of me running a 7-Eleven shop. As she said I would make more money. Be that as it may, I don't think I wants to just yet.

I also ran into an old collage friend. He was working at the information desk. We catch up a bit and then I went to find the toilet with cleaning hose. However, the area were closed off, as nature called, I have to start using paper earlier than I thought.

When I eventually arrive at the gate, I noticed that there was a downpour. Luckily, the plane took off ok without any problem.

As the flight progress, it was getting really cold in the cabin. Despite wearing my thick long sleeves shirt and have the iarplane blanket it still didn´t help much. It was also quite dry in the plane as well.

Eventually the plane arrived at Schipol airport. Before landing, they show a video of how to transfer the flight without boarding pass. It shows that there is a self-transfer machine where you type in your e-ticket number and the machine will print out your boarding pass. I walked into one not long after got off the plane. I type in my number but it did not work, the print out say that I need to contact the airline staff for assistance. It took me quite a while to get direction and walked to the said airline station.

I showed my print out at the station and the staff said I need to take a queue card and wait for my queue. I did and ended up waiting for about half an hour before it was my queue. Good thing that I have three hours transit time. After I finally got my boarding pass, I then went through the immigration. The immigration officer asked what I will be doing in Prague, and I answered. Then he asked to see my hotel booking and I showed it to him. Then I went through without a hitch. I felt pretty fatigue by the time I get to my gate. I have to wait for almost two hours before boarding time. I noticed a sport bar near by that sell apply pie. And then I noticed on the other end of the terminal there is a snack booth that also have the same apple pie. I ended up buying one. It was... not quite what I thought it would be but it was still edible and I am not going waste 3 euros snack just because it did not tasted the best :P

The ride to Prague was not very smooth but quite alright. I noticed a very cute guy in the waiting area of the gate. Then I found out that he sitting in the same row as I did :D. He was getting some shuteye most of the flight though and I need the same as well. It was not a long flight so they only serve a sandwich. It got a bit thrilling for me after we landed and I was waiting for my suitcase. They seems to be taking their sweet time unloading the cargo. I was getting nervous wondering if my suitcase was in my plane or not. However, my suitcase finally loading into the belt, I breath a sigh of relieve and headed out into the airport.

I had to ask for the location of ATM machines as it turns out they are all in the far side of the terminal. And then I went to buy my 5 days ticket and then look for the bus stop. It took me a while to locate the stop itself and then I am off from the airport. It took about 15 minutes, just like it said in the guidebook, to get to the metro station. It was a bit awkward getting into the station because there was no escalator. Once I got into the train, lo and behold, it was that cute guy from the gate again :D Though we only just nod at each other for the recognition. I got off at the Muzeum station. As it turns out, I came up from the station and greet by the sight of big statue. I actually came up at Wenceles Square! It was quite impressive indeed, although I have no time, hands, or energy to take out camera to take the photos.

I took out my hotel google map print out to get the location. It was not that hard to find, only that it is actually quite a bit uphill. Not to mention that it was oddly hot that day, almost Bangkok hot. I was panting by the time I reach the area where the hotel suppose to be. Turns out they did not use the name ´Majestic Hotel´on their sign but Best Western. Luckily I noticed the name in the print out and finally went in. I got check-in right away at around 13:00, local time, and got the room on the first floor. Not that I mind, since I am not planning to do sightseeing from my room anyway. I also got a corner room with a small view into the center courtyard, it was lovely :) The room itself is very beautiful, though rather small.

I quickly took a shower and start exploring around the block. But fatigue set in soon after so I went back to my hotel and take a nap. I set my alarm at 18:00 so I will still have time to see the city later. After I woke up, still groggy, but I forced myself to get up and start sightseeing by walking into the historical area.

All the street and the road are cobble stones, just like what I read in wikitravel. The sneakers work fine, so it was not a problem. I decided to check out one of the gay place in Prague, as it was evening soon. And then I went to bed.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Eve of My Trip

I am almost finish preparing for my trip. I guess it is a mistake that I choose to take half-day off from my work instead of a full day.

I was rushing to do this and that and right now the last thing I need to pack are my chargers and extension cord.

My mom called so that's my ride. I won't do half day off like this again... It's too much hassle.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pre-Vacation Mishaps

Although I am looking forward for my vacation, things happens that make me feel quite upset.

It is 95% certain that I will be flying solo in Prague. Both my friends could not make it after all. The German who live in London could not afford it. He already struggling to make ends meet as it is so I can't blame him. Although it is entirely his fault that I even go to Prague in the first place :pp

The second guy, a German who live in Berlin, said his company sent him to Bremen office on July 23-24, so he could not make it. Since my time in Prague is from July 23-29, it is quite true. What I don't understand about him is that he only ask his company for day off on Monday July 13. Despite the fact that we have been planning this for months. This is especially bad for me since I initially planned to cancel my hotel booking in favor of cheaper hostel. Although there are still time to cancel, the cheap hostel no longer have the cheap room. Also, all the other places that I have checked no longer have the cheap price that I got from months ago. So I guess I will just have to enjoy the hotel alone :pp

And then the sneakers that I ordered would not arrive before my trip. It is partially my fault for ordering it almost too late. I have look for some cheap alternatives today. I found a couple of shoes that I am interested in. But tomorrow I will look at MBK malls as well.

The plastic top of my USB MicroSD reader broke a while ago, before I wrote this post. So I will definitely have to visit Pantip Plaza to look, no just for another MicroSD card but also for the USB reader replacement.

I still need to finish packing, getting my hair cut and more packing...

So little time, so much to do...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The New Day Has Pass

I survive the first day in my head office, barely.

My new boss informed me of my new tasks, his expectation of me, and when I will visit the other offices. I must say I am overwhelm by all the new things that I have been informed of (been ordered). However, I was slightly excited that he will sent me to do couple of Microsoft certified courses. I think that will do me good, especially for my future. Although they are just XP support and Applications on XP support courses, at least after that I can really say that I am official a certified support technician :P

The morning hours doesn't help that's for sure. I was half awake in the morning and getting sleepy in the afternoon. I hope that I will be able to adjust as time goes by... It certainly doesn't help my mood. I was able to be cheerful when greet by other people but I am not feeling as happy, relax, and comfortable as I was in my old office.

I will either have to adjust or else....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quivering Mood

On the eve of my last day at work, I find myself quivering inside.

I will definitely be sad. But I must remind myself that I will be visiting once a week. It is a fairly big deal for me. I know that this is not something very serious. I am still working for the same organization, I will return to my current office at least once a week.

Unlike some of my friends who is worst predicament of unemployment or struggling to get by. As I wrote many times before, I still feels upset. Although not at the soul shaking level that I had before.

It will over soon... Then it will be the adjustment period to the new office and so on... Although I wish this did not happen. I deserve to enjoy my trip to Prague and Amsterdam without thinking about the move...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Move is Coming

So it finally going to happen. This Tuesday will be my last working day at my current office.

It will be quite sad for me. But the consolation is that I will visit it every Friday. I maybe a blessing in disguise... Since my current boss will also leave to take another position in Europe in August. And the new boss, I heard, that he had a row with the head of Thai staff years ago. So it might be a good thing that I get to move. The work dynamic will change along with the new boss. This will goes both ways, both in the new and current office.

I decided to let the other guy get the Fri-Sat weekend this time and then we can alternate every three months. Since I will be on 2 weeks vacation soon.

In order to keep my mood up, I will just have to concentrate on the new Harry Potter movie. Which will be release in Bangkok on this week. I will go watch it on Monday, which should have less people by then. And then later that week I will began my trip to Europe. I start packing a bit already.

Monday, July 06, 2009

250 to 1000 :)

It was more than a year ago since I last replace my harddisk. IT was ComMart show time so I went to buy it there.

I end up going on Saturday. Arriving at the show I felt a little light headed, I guess because I haven't eat yet. So I went to the food court area to eat. It is my policy not to shop with empty stomach. I feels that I would be more objective on my full stomach :)

I eventually bought the 1TB harddisk, an external box and power cable, all from different shops. All to replace the 250GB one. Then I went to check the Adidas sales like usual. I do like some of shirt but nothing really caught my interest.

After I got home, set everything up for transfer, and fire up the computer, something wasn't right. I heard buzzing sound coming from the computer case. It took me a while to figured out which fan made the sound. I eventually figured out that it came from the power supply. I was not happy with this. Since a new one usually cost about a couple of thousand baht for a reliable one.

It keep buzzing the first night and I have to turn off the computer after unable to fall asleep due to the noise. I decided that if it still buzzing by Monday, I will take it to an IT mall to buy a one power supply. Luckily the buzzing stop, I guess the fan was finally spinning in the right way.

It was the right decision that I went to buy the harddisk on Saturday. This allow me to fully enjoy my 4 days off this week. I really need these time off.

Friday, July 03, 2009

The Date Got Set

My boss told me today that my moved day have been agreed. So this means I will start working in the head office on July 15.

The news did not feels as threathen as it was a few weeks back. I feels that I have been warming up to the move, eventhough I do not want it to happen. At least I will be there for a week and then it will be my Europe vacation :D

The new Harry Potter movie will also be release on July 16th. I am looking forward to that as well. I am also looking forward to this weekend. I am still deciding whether I should go to the IT fair on Sat after work or on Sunday to buy the new harddisk. Both have their own pros so I am still considering it.