Friday, September 30, 2005

Futile Attempt

I had made some affort to include my real life friends to visit my blog but so far only a few show some interest.

With the help of StatCounter I am able to see where in the world that my blog has been open. So far I seems to have frequent visit from Malaysia the most :) And most people visit my blog from Paul's Bedtime Stories the most.

Well back to my rant... So far I was able to get two friends to visit my blog. One was Nordic and another was a dutch man whom I befriended over the net sometimes ago. My message on one of my previous post did not yield any result eventhough I had email that person with specific instruction :pp darn...

Now I don't know what else to blog about... Right now I am in my office and getting really hungry and I cannot go fid something to eat... Not in the few minute anyway :ppp


Chaichakri said...

สวัสดีครับ คุณ Pete,

ผมก็มาอย่างสม่ำเสมอ, ชอบ blog ของคุณ!

Somehow, writing in Thai is not so easy.... looking for each letter in Thai script is very ลำบาก!

Do you know any other Thai bloggers who write in English? I would like them to read their on-goings in their life too!

Take Care

Pete said...

Sorry Kitjar I haven't read a lot of blogs though, only just a few.

I do admit writing in Thai is Very hard. But since it's my mother tongue I guess it became natural to us Thais.