Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A nice week so far

I had a nice week so far this week. My old office held a program to test the teachers to get a higher teaching certificate. There will be teachers from outside, an IT staff should be present to assist them if needed. Since I made a good impression on the previous group last year, I was asked to be here two days a week for two weeks.

If the circumstance were differents, I might not like this but since my old office is close to my house. I loved it.

This will be the last week of this arrangement... But I know it should be like this next year as well. For now I am looking forward to the Songkran holiday :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Visiting Underland

I finally get to see the new "Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland" in 3D at IMAX theater which is now located near my office.

I bought the ticket one day before just to make sure I will get good seat. Which was the right thing to do since the good seats seems to either been reserved or bought.

The 3D glasses was a lot less bulkier than the one I used years ago when IMAX theater was near my house. Now it looks like a small toy glasses. The price was 300 baht, it wasn't the best row (it was E row) which is why it is cheaper.

Overall the move was... Not all that it could be. Not a big disappointment but this Alice seems colourless in the presence of all the crazy characters. This Alice did not seems to be curious about her surrounding and seems to just go along with whatever happens, for the most parts anyway. Some how, I did not find the lead actress that charming...

I do agreed with one of the review that I read that the script is rather weak and that perhaps being a Disney movie, Burton do not have much room to really exercise his own twisted style.

In the end, I felt letdown, things could have been spectacular, instead it just lukewarm and not at all memorable...