Sunday, August 27, 2006

Multiple Shower Buddies

As titilating as the title may sounds, unfortunately it refers to my several bottles of shower gels.

Is it common to have more than one kind of shower gels in your bathroom? Ever since I switch to shower gel several years ago, I tend to end up with more than one bottle of shower gel at one times. Whenever I shower, it seems that I prefer different scent of shower gel each times depend on my mood. Right now I have chocolate truffle butter shower milk, Boots' orange citrus essentials shower scrub, Johnson & Johnson baby milk baht, and the new Lux mediterranean mineral shower gel :))

I often use the Chocolate butter one mix with J&J milk baht, since the chocolate milk one didn't smell as nice once it's been lathered :P But mixing with the milk bath it smell quite Ok :)
As for Boots' Orange citrus shower scrub, it smell very nice orange citrus smell and it lasted quite long :) It's good when you use it everynight as the scent will stuck on your bed too :)

So, lemme ask this to a few of you guys who read my blog, is it common to have more than one shower gel in your bathroom? :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Long Overdue Benny News post

I meant to do this post for quite a while now (now that I check my email, it's been a month alraedy, arghh...) But then, I had my own issues and this is My blog so there ya go...

So the update on Benny (click on the name if you don't know what I am talking about). He is doing fine and now sue his parent and the hospital with abduction and wrongful imprisonment. Click here to see the news on Taiwanese newspaper website. It was all in chinese though but if you scroll down a bit you will see some illutration details Benny's account of the event that leads him to end up in hospital for 2 months and how he stay defiant until the judge released him. Here is another news post at Click here for the news.

MusicMan told me that Benny had became a sort of celebrity in Taiwan with what happen to him and that he is on TV a lot as well. So he is doing well considered what happen to him.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lady in the Water

I have been waiting to see this movie since I saw the preview. And eventually saw it on the first week of it's release here in BKK.

The movie is... not Shayamalan typical movie, as in there was no huge plot twist, no huge surprise at the end. I think it still quite an ok movie, although it seems a bit... off. The opening scene (after the epilogue part) is quite funny :) As the movie progress, I find it odd that Giamatti's character believe the girls rather fast and not even questions the girl's identity. I do like the multi-culteral vibe of the casts though, the whole movie has a great mixture of tenants of various backgrounds and it serve as a colorful backdrop to the movie. The main female protagonist herself stars by Ron Howard's daugther Dallas Howard. I must say that her acting is quite good, she does a job being mystic being.

However, at the end, the movie seems to lack a certain element to make it a great one. I am not sure what it is... perhaps it's how the movie seems too straight forward than it should be or perhaps I have a preconception that this is a Shayamalan's movie and that it would be more complex than usuals.

In the end, it was an Ok movie, not as good as it should be (considered the stars and the director). I had seen a more 'together' movie :)

Also the time that I went to see the movie, there was an elder couple sitting not far from me and they were talking during most of the movie... It was annoying as hell but I just didn't have the heart to tell them off... Unfortunately, the staring doesn't not help either...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Tomorrow to MBK

My plan tomorrow, since MusicMan already have a plan for Sunday at noon (a date to go see Fashion show, darn him :p), is to go to MBK Mall again to visit my regular game shop, this times to exchange the CDs I already bought.

The last times I was at MBK Mall I had, acquired :), Dungeon Siege II: Broken Sword, the expansion of DSII. It was available in both DVD (the original included) and the CD version (on BS, 1 CD). Since I had got the first one already, so I bought the CD version just to save some money. However, when I got home and rummage through my games collection and found the CDs. Three of them are 'mass produce' CDs while one was CD-R (as one of the mass produce original was bad). The mass produce had gone bad somehow... both computers I tried them on did not see the CDs at all, while the CD-R one was working just fine.

I called the game shop to tell them about this, the owner is very kind and tell me to bring the CDs in for exchange for the DVD version instead (I bought the original 4 CDs version from them since about last year so she is very kind about this) Also when I call her again today to tell her taht I will be there tomorrow she said to also brought one of my purchase so she can make a copy of it for another customer :)

And perhaps I might get a haircut tomorrow also...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Day with MusicMan

My Friend, MusicMan, had some free time today so we meet up so I can show him where can he shop for the stuff he wants.

First stop was Pantip Plaza, the man was really entralled by the place :) I am surprise when he said that he never been to Pantip Plaza before but not surprise when he added that he will definately come back and spend a whole afternoon just walking around, not to mention the eye candies for him :p He said he wants to look for small TV, adaptors for his music intrusment, blank CDs and cell phone. The first three is best to browse in Pantip while the last item is best to go to MBK. I lead him to the blank CDs area on the second floor, in which he take a liking to BenQ CDs as it has musical instrument printed on top. He end up buying a 50 piece box of that :). And after we check out a few places for Adaptors and small TV, MM announce that he wants to buy the cell phone (the same one that I have, I saw what it can do for him the last times we meet and he really like it :))

So we headed outside the building and hail a cab, it was a short ride to MBK mall. I took him to the shop that I bought my phone from. When we arrive at the shop, it was close. However, when I was talking to MM and thinking about what to do, the shop owner is walking toward us so I walk up to him and ask if he's here to open the shop. He said yes and that they were just came back from paying respect to the ancestor day (Chinese tradition). And then the purchase process begins.

After some testing and so on, MusicMan is now a proud owner of Sony Ericcson w810i :D. After the purchase was complete, MusicMan began to complain about started to get claustophobic (the mobile phone area was indeed quite crowded and MBK are generally crowded mall with heavy foot traffic already). So he excuse himself to split as he is due to work in studio as well.

It was fun hanging out with him :) Although he had brough his slave with him, so I wasn't comfortable enough to grope him :P But I will see him again, hopefully this Sunday, as he might visit JJ Market (the famed weekend market). Then I will have him in my room so I can show him some stuff on my computer as well as hook his phone up to my computer for some materials transfer :)