Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Three Times CSIs

I have been a fan of the show ever since around third season of the first CSI :)

Thinking back I seems to heard of this show sometimes ago in some sort of program about how Jerry Bruckenheimer was about come out with a show named with three letters and that it would be his second attempt in producing this sort of shows.

In one of Dennis Miller show, one of his guest was the man who actually came up with the idea to do this TV series. Anthony B. Zuiker was trams (did I type that right?) driver in Las Vegas, he said one night he was watching a show on Discovery Channel 'The New Detective' (I actually like this show too as well) which is a document where they show how forensic science help police track down and show who's the victim and who's the perp. Zuiker said when he saw this show he thinks it would be make good TV series. So he call B.'s company to pitch the show. I must say this now that Jerry B. mention this in particular that thsi Zuiker guy is a real salesman at heart, as his pitch is very good and convincing that he convinced Jerry B. to make this show (in contrast of let's say... Me :p I have no salesperson personallity no t he drive to be one either (which is lucky for me I suppose))

Also I should added that the writing of the show is very good. I like how the use the various sub-cultures to be involve in the crime scene. I suppose they first push the envelope with the little people first, then the S&M brothel episode, then the furry group, the transexuals, and the chubby chasers scene.

If there is anything I learn from these shows... Is that murder in general Is VERY Messy :)

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