Monday, August 22, 2005

Fully Loaded

About once a month I will have the urge to have some grill food and the best cost-money-taste balance is a japan style bar-b-q chain restuarant called Daidomon.

When it first open in BKK it seems to position itself as a relatively high-end classy place, but after a while it seems to adapt itself and once it introduce buffet menu which is all-you-can-eat with pork, beef, chicken, squid, and various vegetables it repositioning itself to be more lower-middle class with price tag of 129 baht per person for all you can eat meal.

I would usually spend about an hour or so of seriously stuffing my face by myself :) I guess this is one advantage of being single... There is no one to distract you while eating and you do not need worried of trying to impress the person in front of you :pp

So today I went to MBK mall in Siam Square area to buy a new game after failed in my attempt to Torrent it from the net, darn my ISP for failed to fix the connection problem that happen for about a week now... After I finish buyign the game I went to Daidomon and now I am back home with full stomach ready to try my latest aquisition, Dungeon Siege II :D

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