Sunday, January 01, 2006

Blasted Time :D

Well well well... This New Year's eve seems quite magical indeed... Not only Paul of Bedtime Story get a lil' somethin' some some (no wondered why the man has been quiet for a few days :P) but I did too :dd

My day started earlier than I thought it would... Due to the mix up of informing my college to come in early when he was groggy and instead understood that *I* would be going in at that time instead... Needless to say, the office all and I have haul my ass off from bed, shower, get dress and hop on the first bus to arrive at the office within 20 minutes (luckily my office is close to my home ...)

The works went along quite smoothly today... which allow me to ran out from the place around 19:00. After an hour of transportation, My Big Thank you to the Subway, I finally arrived at the... well let just say that it's the same decadence place I mention in my X'Mas post. However, when I arrive there were quite a number of people standing and sitting around in front of the entrance. As it turns out the place was full and we need to wait till some people leave so the waiting people can get in. While waiting at the que I notice a handsome blonde with big shoulders sitting. After a chair next to his was emptied I took the place and began to chat him up. The man has nice voice and I manage to get an email address from the guy but not before I tell him that with his look it would not be hard to get laid and that I would pull him into a room and do him myself *blush*. My shame seems to had take a break by that time as I feel a bit sleepy and hungry :pp

Then I went into and after a while saw CA again. And this times I was succeeded in getting in to his pants with my lovely behind :ppp

I was also ran into another Australian friend whom I had only seen online as well. Talk about small world or rather small gay world :p Too bad that he came with his bf otherwise I might tried to get into his pants as well :PP

All in all it was a triumph night. I manage to get laid, an email address from a handsome stranger and ran into a friend whom I wanted to see albeit his bf :pp

This is a Lovely New Year's Eve Indeed!! ^_^

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