Friday, January 06, 2006

My New Love.

Several months ago I had posted about buying a new mobile phone. So far that has not happened yet... As the model I was aiming for Sony Ericsson w800i seems to be quite popular. So popular in fact, that the price as not drop one bit from the released price... And that's the reason why I am still using my old Nokia 3300 :PP

But tonight I found a details of a new mobile from Sony Ericsson, Sony Ericsson w810i (the link is from a Thai mobile phone website since I couldn't find other preview pages.) I had a muffled scream in my head because... well you just gotta click and see the image :).

It's essentially a slightly improved version of w800i with black colored body and may have better speakers. However, this one has no protective cap over the camera lens for some reason...

I have never really like the color of w800i but now that this w810i will came out in the first quarter of this year I will definately getting this one :)


savante said...

How cool! Get me one :)


Pete said...

It's not release yet :P And I am sure your salary would be more than mine :P Why don't U get me one :P