Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another Chinese New Year post

As one of the numerous chinese decendant who do blogging I guess I am bounded to do a Chinese new year post.

I don't know how other families celebrate their chinese new year. In my family, we will arrange a reunion, usually at one of my aunt's house which has the space to accomodate all the people (my mom has 4 sisters and each with their husband and 3-4 kids.)

Now I have a dilemma... I am getting to the age where I should stop *receiveing* the red envelope and start *giving* them out. But I am still trying to make ends meet, albeit not that much of struggling since I still live with my mom. The idea of handling out 16 red envelopes is quite a nightmarish thought considering I am quite a cheapo when it comes to spending money on other people (the curse of single gay men who only have themselves to spend money on :p.)

In time (most likely next year)... I will have to bite the bullet and began handing out the envelopes with money in it!! **Shudder**

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