Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Change of Heart

I was relatively excited about the new job before (it was the first place that would have me after 3 years of looking for new job on and off.)

Due to several factors, things did not go quite well at the new office (at least in my head)... The other people in the marketing section are nice, but work vice... The place is pretty small and their marketing has just began to play bigger parts not so much long ago, so although there are certainly a lot of things that need to be done I just have no idea where to start...

My role there is clear on what I need to do I just don't know where to begins... I know it sounds like a whine but it is how I felt sitting in the office knowing that I should be doing something useful and yet unsure on what I should do. It left me feeling rahter uncomfortable as I spend most of my time on the net reading my usual stuffs without being productive.

I certainly felt rather low spirited right now possibly due to my lack of sleep or at least from the change of adding a day job into it. Moreover, the new job is not quite in my area of interest. It might be an exhaustion talking but I had been thinking about quitting this new job... My mom had said recently that I did not strike her as a marketing type :pp Plus since this job will be paying slightly less than the old one it would certainly paid out less due to the travelling expense as well as meal cost. I guess there is nothing like a motherly support eh?? But perhaps she is right, afterall she is a great woman. Besides I am not feeling overall happy during my time there eventhough it has been just three days.

I never thought I would miss my old office when I am in the new one... But I guess it would be ahrd press for me to leave my old office... Afterall I do work in large corperation with nice office and facilities...

Perhaps I will talk with my mom tomorrow morning about quitting...

Darn... quitting after just less than a week... Must be a new record.


savante said...

Give it another week or so since it's only been a short while - if you still feel like quitting after that time ... then you should :)


Pete said...

Today is The testing time. And I survive although I ditch before 17:00 to get some sleep :P

I hope I will feel better during the weekend :)

I have another job interview with a software company on Friday. I HOPE I will be able to land this one