Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Survived

I seriously thought I would reach a breaking point today when I post about how I felt about the whole scenario in previous post.

Strangely enough I seems to only have about two hours of sleep after I went home from my night job. I toss and turn for about an hour or so before fall sleep possibly after 3:00 only to awaken by my mom at 5:05 since she would drive me to the day job after sending my sister to school...

The strange part is that I did not felt sleep deprive when I woke up this morning. It is almost like something right happen before and when I woke up that made me felt wide awake and not so sleepy. I was yawning madly after 13:00 but I do felt quite alright in the morning indeed.

I told my mom about how I felt like quitting the new job. First she did the old 'I told you so' routine about she already me marketing is not my kind of work and how the office is not very convenience to reach. And then when we were in the car she sid to see how today goes first before actually told them I quit.

I got some work done by giving idea of how to improve the company website. It did feels good to my brain to work on something more productive after a few days of ditch out vague marketing idea of hwo to increase our customers.

So I did get through today quite alright although I left the office early to catch some sleep before heading to my night job, again, for the fourth night tonight darn my co-worker who has to go back home in Southern TH this week T^T.

Tomorrow however, I have another job interview and I hope and wish that I could landed this one for two obvious reasons.
1) I can travel to this office by subway which would means I have more time to sleep if I would keep my old job
2) It is a software company which would be interesting for me. And my current experince wokring in IT should help me also.

SO people please wish me the best luck tomorrow ^O^

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