Thursday, January 19, 2006

Colin's Cat out of The Sack

Some of you might have heard the news of Colin Farrell's ex girlfriend wants to distribute their *homemovie* that they made when they are still together a few years back. And that Colin had sued to the stop the distribution.

Despite his efforts, the movie file is out and about in BitTorrent network since probably a few days ago, much to the delight of gay men all over (and straight women too I suppose :P)

I had downloaded the movie this morning: thousand of people were seeding the file while a few hundred more peering it, the whole movie, 103.67Mb in size, finish within an hour and a half ^^

Now there is no way to stop the movie from being seen by people with computer all over the world (and I expected that some witty merchant will put the movie on VCD soon.) I had watch it, the movie is only about 13min long, and Mr. Farrell is also quite long himself too :PP He is most certainly packing and not to mention cursing like a sailor.

Too bad that the movie is too short and no *money shot* :PP If you guys have questions of how to obtain the file, leave comment and I will point you to where you can it ;)


Joel said...

great blog, i like it a lot, enjoy reading your posts.
btw, just watch dirty colin this moring......yum yum

Chaichakri said...

Hey, I MUST get broad band na.... I am missing so many interesting stuff na.....

AJ said...

point away! I wanna see colin doing the dirty!

Pete said...

Thank you for your compliment Joel :) I will started to put up some computer tips post as I intended to do early on... Just have to feel inspired somehow ;)

I love your profile picture BTW. Is that your dog? Looks like a cute lab retriver.

Now about how to see Colin in action. First, you must have BitTorrent software. There are many out there. The most popular ones are BitComet, Azereus, and ABC. Any of those would do, you can search for them at

After download and install it the next step is to get the torrent file. I got mine from (you have to registered to search their list so made sure you use a account for the notti place :))

After you found the listing download the .torrent file and double click on it. That should trigger the opening of the file by the BitTorrent client.

Then you just sit back and wait till the download is finish.

If you have questions, feel free to email me :)

Pete said...

A slight correction ^^ The website needed to subscribe to look for the torrent file is

Enjoy ;)

Joel said...

or u can send it by
if you want a link to download for, i can send it to you