Monday, December 26, 2005

Back from the date, Empty handed

As I mention in my previous post, the cute guy whom I would dubbed 'CA' as he was born Canadian and now Australian citizen (although no accent... darn... I do like Australian accents too) had SMS me for time and I reply back with time and places to meet which is Pantip Plaza.

I arrive about 10 minutes early and the guy was surprised, saying that he has never seen anyone came early to an appointment in Thailand before - -;;;; Man... what did we Thais coming to... Anyhow... we had lunch and then walk around loking for the right mp3 player for him to buy. Along the way we discuss various thing. I did grab his ass once in a shop but he didn't respond much to that :ppp My hope came crashing down as it turns out that he had just been dumb by his bf as well as the fact that he like the dark skin, short, muscular, North-Eastern Thais look while yours truly is a pale skin (from sleeping till afternoon and go out to work at night) chinese looking guy :PP

But he seems like a decent enough guy who came to BKK often... I will definately tried to keep in touch with him for sure... Who know... perhaps I would be able to get in his pants one day :P


Chaichakri said...

what a pity! maybe better luck next time?


savante said...

He's gay and single! That's a start.


Pete said...

Well... that's true Paul... He also said to like Handbag music, which he explain that he meant the music that you can sing to. And also also added that he also like showtunes music.

Which means he is so gay :pp Anyhow I will try groping him some more and see if I could get in his pants :dd