Saturday, December 24, 2005

Changing Time

Today is quite an up and down for me...

My day started when I woke up about four hours too early than I wish with dull throb on the right side of my stomach... Which strangely enough did not ache when I sit up straight. Bothered by it, I play a game on my computer for a couple of hours just to ignore it and finally force myself back to bed so I will have enough time to recover from wake up with less than 5-6 hours of sleep.

I woke up again around 12:40 after a few alarm change :p And was greeted when I check my computer by a friend's bf who was almost in hysterical state as the friend was not on the flight that he was suppose to be... I tried the friend's cell phone number as this guy requested a few times but no one pick up the phone. But since the cell phone was ringing I suppose he was alright.

Then I have to do errand for my mom at the bank and since it's holiday so there were several customers. It took about 20 min of waiting time until it's my turn :p

Then I finally took the bus to my campus (all the while have not eat anything :p) And when I arrive around 14:30 I headed toward the restaurant I mention in previous post. Only to realize that it wasn't there anymore... I was kinda down by this... Not to mention feeling quite starve by then so I just head to one of the new reactionaries that I never saw before and order some food. It was mediocre at best and by the time I was done I was not really in the mood for any game booths... How time had change, so I walked toward to exit and head to a shop that has Chrysanthemum tea. Then I ask the waiter if he knew what happen to the missing restaurant and he told me that it move to a new location near their place instead!!

Wow this perk up my mood nicely and after finish my drink I thanks him and walk straight to the direction he told me. And lo and behold I found it again. The chicken in pandan leaf and Tom yum kung was not as good as it used to be but it could be just this plate... I could not eat the second one since I already ate... But I am a happy camper afterward :)

However, I will not divulge how I spend my evening :p It was rather decadence... But I was able to give out my mobile phone number to a Canadian guy who might call me tomorrow for a Monday appointment to help him by mp3 player. I wondered if I will be able to get him in the sack or not... I wish I could though...

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