Thursday, June 29, 2006

Soon it will be morning

When I am down from whatever reason, one of the 'pick me up' method that I use was listen to my music collection. One of the song in particular would perk my spirit up nicely when I need it the most. The song is a thai song from 'The Peach Band' - 'Soon it will be morning'. It was a second single of the band's first album. I did not like it at first but then it grow on me. The song has an upbeat and light melody with the lyrics talking about how the bad things will soon go away and all will be right again. Sure, it was not very realistic thing to put your mind to but sometimes you just need to hold on to that thoughtm just ot made it through the day.

Soon it will be morning, soon it will be new day.
And it will not be as bad it was today.
Soon it will be over, all will be right
And in this time, you are here with me
taking me through this nightmare
Soon all will be alright.

Above is part of the lyric from the song, translated by me. It maintain the meanings of the song in Thai language, more or less. If you are interested in the song, feel free to leave me comments :)

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