Sunday, June 25, 2006

More thoughts on Depression

I meant to put the content on this post on the previous post but sometimes thoughts just slip through me like smoke (darn the aging process, but then I think I am, more or less, been like this most of the times)

My bouts of mild depression give me a bit of insights regarding depression. At the moment that it happens to me, the negative feeling was overwhelming, swepting quite strongly and it felt as if it's not going to end.

Now what I felt, may or maynot be depression. However, I can slightly emphatize to those that got hit by the real deal. I can see why it is a serious matter that need to be treated correctly and as fast as you can. And I can also say that if you stuck in depression state, you cannot just shake it off either. I would agreed with Brooke Shields in that you need to treat this right away with medication. No time to waste on vitamins and minerals adjustment like Tom Cruise said :p

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