Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sad True Story

I had just got home from work and logon to my MSN. I saw my friend MusicMan online so I chat him up and he relay to me a shocking story of his ex-bf in Taiwan.

He told me that ex-bf, Benny, his parents drugged his drink and made him unconscious. When he woke up he was in a mental hopsital and he was locked up for two months because he was gay! His parents also went to a judge to have him declare crazy but the good judge went to hospital to release him instead. He was released yesterday and now he homeless with nothing. His parents took everything out of his apartment. Now MusicMan said Benny is looking into the law to get his possessions and his life back.

MusicMan also added that Benny love drama, he also mention that Benny was on TV to tell his story. Therefore I would like to ask any readers to spread this story. You can put it up on your blog or website and give credit to this blog or put up a link to this post. Also if anybody know gay advocate group who might wants to have this news please leave email me and I will forward any information to MusicMan.

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F&D Effendi said...

Isn´t it time they locked the parents up instead ???