Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Yellow Power

Yesterday was my last holiday before going back to work so I spend the day entertaining myself at home and only go outside to grab a meal at the shopping mall near by. In the spirit of celebretion for our beloved King, I wore the only yellow t-shirt I have. I hope it doesn't look too inappropriate because it's of the movie 'Kill Bill' :pp

Anyhow, when I finally out of the house and walking to the shopping mall, a lot of people wore yellow t-shirt as well. I would say that about 70% of the people inside the shopping mall (except the salespersons who may or maynot wore yellow according to the store policy) also wore yellow t-shirts. Many were the ones with the royal emblem as well as the word 'We Love The King' or just any yellow shirt that they already have.

It was a great sight to see, I would say it is once in a life time events in the world to see how Thais people appreciate the King and show their supports in quite a unison ways.

Such a lovely sight to see indeed!

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