Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Serious Computer Woes

It all began a few days ago. I woke up after being asleep for about 6 hours and play on my computer a bit. I open Trillian to check mail and people online and chat with Kitjar about the trouble at woke. After a while trillian freeze up and everyelse began to do so. I couldn't kill the process nor the order the shutdown of the computer. I eventually have to press the power button for 5 seconds to cut off the power (not recommended in normal circumstances).

At first I thought it was the software acting up, but after looking more closely and several more reboots later. I conclude that the problem seems to be the harddisk which is my oldest one of all four that I have. The harddisk is still accessible after being reboot so I thought the harddisk might start breaking down. Therefore I began bac up stuff to one of more empty drive.

However, yesterday another drive began to acting the same way, I thought heck this is awful, two drive in such a close proximity of time? It is just like what happen to the first one and I follow the same routine. thinking I Could retired both drive of 40GB and get a new 200gb instead.

But today, just before I left for work. My third drive began to acting up as well. This lead me to another conclusion that my first diagnostic would be wrong. Now the problem seems to somewhere else. I would have to eventually open the cover and check out if there is anything I can do, otherwise I would have to carried it all the way to Pantip plaza.

Now I felt like the world is really conspired against me...

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