Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Lot Bigger Deal Than I Thought...

I jsut got a call from my office just a while ago. It turns out that the news of my mistake yesterday went up the directorS (the S is because it went to at least two directors, of finance (the user) and of IT (my dept.)).

I thought since it was fixable (as mention in previous post) it would not became a real serious matter but then it did. Since it involve the accounting system. So my mistakes were the mistake itself, not logging it and report to my supervisor.

My supervisors (not the same person that fix my mistake) were very understanding, that due to the nature of my job, mistake happens This would be my second official warnings (although I felt like I have been singled out for this, I did made the mistakes afterall). So there will be some punishment, I am not sure what that would be yet. I hope the worst would be some cut in the paycheck... Otherwise the alternative make my life seems bleak. But if it were going to happen it might be the push I need to look for a new job.

Right now I felt withdrawn and worn out, that you usually feel when it felt like the world had conspired against you (I know it wasn't that but still... I can't shake that awful 'Why Me' feeling...) And also sleepy... It would be nice if this is just a bad dream and once I went to bed and wake up again all would be well... But I know it aint's and I would have face whatever the tomorrow (the wait of punishment is a real bitch) will bring.

Also... None of close my friends were in Thailand now... Nordic went away to visit his family, Mr. American had became a traveling businessman and has not return yet, and MusicMan (I am not sure I had mention him in my blog or not, he is a musician :P) went abroad to do his work till August. Not to mention that, how I wish I have a boyfriend in a time like this... I felt like I need to hold on to a strong body and sob out my frustration.

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