Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Light at the end of the Tunnel

It's been a hell of a week for me... Beginning with the woe at work, woe at home, and also added salt to my wounds, I lost my money that I just withdraw from ATM yesterday! I just stuff it in my pants pocket and it must have drop out somehow... Also I accidentally press my ATM card on the magnet of my wallet, thus rendered it useless. I had to spend about an hour at the bank (and it just open) waiting to get a new one.

One good thing that came out from the comptuer problem is that I got to update Trillian. Now it can open yahoo mail without asking for password again.

I also able to nail down the actual culprit that cause my computer woe. It is my oldest harddrive. I unplugged the power cable from it and now my computer is back to normal. So the good news that I don't need to carried the whole thing to Pantip. The bad news (or perhaps a good news in regard that I get to do a lil' shopping :P) is probably that I have to spend money on a new drive.

There will be another ComMart expo tomorrow. I will plan my day so I have time to check out the price both at Pantip and at Commart. The price at ComMart is surely to be cheaper than Pantip slightly...

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