Monday, July 03, 2006

End of the road

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This is one of rarest music video in my opinion. The song is the well-known one 'End of the Road' originally sang by Boyz II Men and now covered by one of the lady of R&B Gladys Knight. I fall in love with her version the first times I saw it on cable TV almost ten years ago. However, there was no direct version of this song anywhere only the medley version in her album "Just For You". I am able found and able to download the song from the net :) It was quite a hassle to download but boy I triump pt over the challenge of all the blocking attempt from the host. Now I will be able to rip the song for my mp3 player and as well as convert the song to be play on my cell phone :D


savante said...

Ooh. That's the song?


Pete said...

Yeap ;) Email me if u want it. :)

mikey said...

I love it's a great song!

Silom Farang said...

I love that video :)

Joel said...

this song melts me ,

will you married me pete?

Pete said...

I do extended my offers to ya all ;) If you wants the video file or the mp3 of the song, feel free to email me ;)

JM comes see me when u come to BKK then :) We can comsumate the relationship before we married ;) And then after too :dd