Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Year in Reflection

Last year was a real turning point in my life... Thanks to my boss' decision to end my contract, now I have got a day job with another reputable establishment with generous amount of annual leave days. Not to mention a nice amount of severance pay. Although it began in a not so good terms, it ended really really well.

I had a Very Very good time on New Year's Eve, of which I do not wants to blog about in great details as I want to maintain some notion of my innocent here :P I also ran into my friend from Australia, the same one whom I ran into a couple of years ago at the same place mentioned too :P I finally get into his pant this times :P

It was, again, a Very Very Good New Year's Eve for me. Couple with the long weekend from my job and etc., it make me feel lucky to be alive. Which is a refreshing feeling after a tiring feeling compare to the same time last year.

I hope next New Year's Eve will be comparable to this one :)

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